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Iím Roxanne and I have type 2 diabetes
I have a long family history of diabetes so my doctor would routinely check every year.
Do the blood work and see where everything was fasting-wise.
I had an inkling that Iíd get it after I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant.
They told me then if youíre not carefulÖ clearly my lifestyle choices were not the
right ones at the time. well he told me I needed to start exercising
and losing weight. He put me on a low dose of medicine. Just to get the blood sugar levels
down and keep long term complications from coming on as much as possible.
at first, it was very difficult. I mean, changing your lifestyle? Thatís huge. People think,
ìdietî and you think you do it for a little while. Itís really just changing everything
you do and incorporating it daily. It was hard at first itís not anymore. 9 months
ago I was told you can come off your medication which is great. A totally different person. People who know
me see a different person. I love to eat more than I love to work out which is part of the
problem. And now I can say I honestly like to work out. Itís the first thing I do every
day. I work out 7 days a week. It didnít start out that way. Iíd go 3-4 days and would
go kicking and screaming. But now I can tell when I donít work out. I do not enjoy the
day. Iím an emotional eater. So anytime Iím at
work or when I travel for workÖ itís hard to eat healthy when youíre on the road. Youíre
just eating out of boxes all the time. I pack my own snacks. I bring almonds and
granola bars with me. If Iím in a hotel with a fridge, Iíll buy yogurt. Iíll scope out
menus ahead of time. If I know where Iím going to be staying. Itís a lot of research
up front but it pays off in the end. it can be a slow process b/c youíre overhauling
everything. Education is important because you know you and what works for you, what
doesnít. Exercise was the hardest thing for me; at least it was at first. People will
start off gung ho and then fall off ñ like a new years resolution. (laugh) stick with
it. Over time youíll see results. It may take a while and 110% of your effort every
day but you can get there. I think the last time I was at the doctor,
Iíd lost 40 pounds. From working out Iíve lost several inches overall. I never had high
blood pressure before, but it wasnít the greatest. Now, itís great. Iím definitely
healthier now. And I feel healthier. there are quick fixes everywhere. They say
ìreverse your diabetesî or ìlose 20 pounds in a weekî but there are no quick fixes.
When it comes to this, itís time, energy and effort. I wonít reverse it, but I can
control it and thatís what matters. it shouldnít be considered the worst thing
ever. Because itís not. Itís manageable and controllable and you have to educate yourself.
Take steps to make yourself better. No one can do it for you. You have to do it for yourself.

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