Living with Type 2 Diabetes – Ron’s Story – The Nebraska Medical Center

my name is Ron Castro I have type 2 diabetes,
diagnosed about 4 months ago. it was kind of a shock to me, but I’m moving
on and taking care of it. It was just a check up, my fasting levels
were a little bit elevated so they did an a1c test on me which I don’t believe I’d
ever had done. That’s when they noticed it was slightly elevated. I eat healthy and I lift weights quite a bit,
I’m active at work. But my weight’s been going higher and higher so that’s probably
got something to do with it. I used to life weights quite a bit. I did
a lot of calorie and protein counting but I’d never counted carbs before. I can count
stuff, but I’d never done anything like that before. The carb choices, that’s a
good thing I learned. I don’t eat much bread anymore. If I do
go out to eat, I won’t eat much bread. I’ll take the top off the sandwich and pitch it
or take the biggest piece of bread and pitch it and just eat the veggies and meat. I’m not in the gym as much as I used to
be. I used to go big on everything, just lift as much weight as I could. I’m doing more
cardio. I probably walk 4 days a week. I used to play basketball all the time; probably
hadn’t done it in 12 years. I just started meeting some guys at work and started playing
again and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it. we grocery shop a little differently now,
lots more vegetables. I have my son, daughter, son’s girlfriend, daughter’s boyfriend
and granddaughter living with us now so there’s a lot of food that I like and sweets there.
I’m really proud of myself for not falling off because it’s all right there. But they’re
on me; they support me. that was one of my motivators for getting
that under control. I want to be there to see her grow up. That was motivation and something
to live for. 46 before I went to this class I didn’t
know how to count carbs without looking at a box. You don’t really know how many carbs
are in what you’re eating. I would just subconsciously do that stuff. There’s an
app on the iPhone where you can put the certain restaurant and check their menu and carbs
and see what’s best to eat. now it’s more education, it’s everywhere
everyone is learning about it. I don’t want to say it’s easier, but it’s better to
have it now. There are better drugs out there; grocery stores support you; there’s more
food out there. my suggestion would be: don’t freak out
when you first get it. Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s something that happens. I
know diet has lots to do with it but you can control it. If you catch it early… I know
people who’ve had 4-500 glucose levels and have it under control now. Find something
you enjoy and that motivates you. Think about the future, stuff like that. Keep it in the
back of your mind that you need to take charge and you’re the only one who can do it. And
I’m sure you can.

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  1. One comment he said, doesnt make any sense to me, how does lifting at the gym put more weight on? Unless you talking about muscle mass, which I would think be beneficial for someone who has problems with sugar.

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