Living low carb with John Holding

I was in quite poor shape at the time,
type 2 diabetic. A friend of mine put me onto the website and I looked at it and thought
that seems like a good idea, but it’s just going to be another diet
like all the other ones I’ve tried. And then I had a poor blood test, which turned out to be
a bit of a mistake in the end. But it scared me so much,
I thought I’ve got to try something. So I went to Diet Doctor,
watched some videos and haven’t turned back since.

2 thoughts on “Living low carb with John Holding

  1. John Holding – I, too, had 'that' blood test wake up call. Through a random comment my Care Provider made, I stumbled onto the low-carb Keto life style. Got healthy and the rest is in my rear view mirror. Never going back. 🍀 on the rest of your journey.

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