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  1. He seems like a nice guy but probably doesnt wanna go cause they'll find drugs in his system from running tests and then it's a dui 😭😢🙃

    EDIT: and or he also has warrants or the scooter is stolen 😂🤔🙄

  2. It’s sad because I’m pretty sure the reason he doesn’t want to go to the hospital is so he doesn’t get stuck with a super expensive bill.

  3. I wouldn’t want to go either, 1000-2000 just for the ambulance ride. Stitches, test, and stay you’re looking at another 1200-2500. And if you have to stay overnight psh pu might as well take out a loan it’s crazy.

  4. Hes lucky that he was still conscious to respond and make a decision. If he was knocked out….
    That EMS could have radioed for a helicopter then he would have a $45,000 transport bill on top of the hospital bill.

  5. People can complain all they want about hospital bills in this comment section. End of the day, this dude had a low BP and a head injury. Guarantee that dude had a brain bleed or at least a mild concussion. That warrants a trip to the hospital no matter the cost.

  6. I'd sooner take a Lyft or Uber to the hospital in fact I did it turned out it was a Tesla! I was geeked. And it was under ten bucks

  7. if he was high (or under the influence of any sort), wanted, or the moped was stolen, the situation wouldn’t have been handled like that. he would’ve been placed in cuffs if he refused treatment. PD already knows before we arrive the state they’re in.

  8. Love how stupid all the comments about hospital bills are. If you’re life is in danger, the price tag should come last.

  9. Yeah man, who wants to get caught up with thousands of expenses just for getting in the back of an ambulance. I'd call a dang uber or something lol

  10. In Canada(Ontario to be specific) its 245 for an ambulance if its a non-emergency and 45 if it is an emergency.

  11. It probably ain't about the Bill's. Most people don't go because when they give u a blood test they test for everything.

  12. Normal worker type like this guy cannot afford hospitals. And people like Trump are still offering tax cuts. Rather than give tax cuts there should be free healthcare like there is in Canada. It will help since people would spend less money on healthcare and spend more on consumer items that helps the upper class. (Same idea as tax cuts but gives average people at chance at a healthy life which is a basic right)

  13. His blood pressure is in the 70s systolic when it should be high after a adrenaline boosting incident like that, the man is clearly in hypovolemic shock and the paramedic didn’t explain that to him. She let him go when he is in serious risk of dying. What a terrible paramedic. And before you guys comment back at me saying “what do you know!” I’m a Paramedic too. I would never let someone like that go with those vitals even if they denied I would find a way to get them on that ambulance. That guy is in hypovolemic shock.

  14. Me: watches 157 hours of Live Pd

    Me to my mom : ma’m im going to ask you to step out of the car for me please!

  15. Forget an ambulance and hospital, just roll me home in an abandoned shopping cart and get some alcohol with my grandma’s sewing kit.

  16. Best time to get injured is when the local football team wins, the ambulance and fire trucks blast the horns and lights go up and down the roads to let everyone know they won the game.. And they wonder why he doesn't wanna ride in the ambulance that'll cost around $500.

  17. im with him. hospitals are expensive. had a terrible infection last summer that landed me in the hospital for 3 days. total cost of those 3 days and the IV antibiotics plus another 10 day iv antibiotic which was a 3 hour visit to an infection thus disease doctor once I got out of the hospital was over $15k. I have ins so I only paid like $1400 But still if I didnt I would have been screwed. add another 5k for the ambulance

  18. When will ignorants & idiots learn/comprehend that helmets save brains. All operators of two wheeled vehicles including bicycles should ALWAYS WEAR HELMETS. BUT Americans have the "RIGHT" to do or NOT anything they want regardless of the proven FACTS and the RESULTS.

  19. Are they wearing bullet proof vests? That's pretty sad if that's the case. You would think who'd want to hurt an EMT, but then again firefighters have been shot on scene trying to rescue someone… SMH

  20. It's sad that the bills are high but when you can't pay you still get help so the expenses help pay for those who can't. doctors and EMTs need to get payed too. Socialized medicine can take 3-4 hours for an ambulance to arrive and months to years to see a doctor or surgeon.

  21. I'm amazed no one mentioned the damage to the Vespa scooter. All kidding aside, that man should have gone to the hospital.

  22. Go to the hospital? No thanks a funerals cheaper anyways and my family gets to continue eating. Murica!

  23. I feel bad for that guy. He was probably thinking about the wrecked moped he probably can’t afford to fix. Seemed really depressed. Wish we knew more about him.

  24. I pay money every week out of my paycheck for health insurance. And STILL hardly anything is covered. Hospitals and doctors are insanely expensive. It's getting so out of control.

  25. For people that don't know the state provides insurance for poor people not only that but he didn't cause the accident so he wouldn't pay anyway.

  26. is it just me or does it always kinda feel like the EMS workers are pushing the victim to go to the hospital to push hospital revenue

  27. I understand that womans worry, a friends family member got into a car accident and he left the hospital unscratched. He went on vacation weeks later to cuba and died in his sleep from internal bleeding that he didnt get checked

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