100 thoughts on “Live Rescue: 3 Hospital Trips, 1 Day (Season 1) | A&E

  1. What a waste of resources! I drove myself to the hospital with horrible chest pains because I didn't want to bother anybody. My heart was in arrhythmia. Stupid of me I know.

  2. I’ve had a blood clot blocking the blood flow to my brain, and I was having a stroke…. I said 10… trip and fall it’s a 10, really?

  3. This old guy is costing the hospital/taxpayers ALOT of money. He blows 50G and now can't pay medical bills, guarantee it. Otherwise he would not be so quick to hop on that ER train.

  4. What a waste. Commit him in some mental institute. He definitely is taking advantage of system just because he's lonely, & really thinks some young nurse would take interest in him. Definitely delusional!

  5. I know everybody responds to pain differently but, that guy was faking big time. Sad that you would rather waste everyone's time and resources.

  6. Seems like he’s fine. Just wants meds or something. Hands down the worst pain I’ve felt was when I had my appendix removed and gallbladder. I’ve had two csections as well but it wasn’t nearly as painful as appendix and Gbladder. They should give the guy placebos lol

  7. This is kinda sad! He probably just wants some attention and conversation! So he makes excuses so he can go to the hospital to get people to attend to him

  8. I had a Nurse empting my Foley, She asked if she could get me anything else, I said yes, your number. She kust smiled and said, Man you are smooth.

  9. He sounds like a seeker bad someone needs to red flag him , that would stop this behavior and maybe get him some help. This would never fly around here that's a waste of tax payer money there was no need for EMS but their job is to take him anyway shame

  10. He doesn't have any pain…except maybe rebound or achiness from WDs. It doesn't take an expert to recognize that this man suffers from opiate addiction. I certainly hope those ER docs aren't giving him anything but ibuprofen or tylenol.

  11. With me His 2nd trip would be Investigated as Abuse of 911 system… 3 times in 1 day is 🐂💩…. There are Real Emergencies out there… We're NOT TAXI' s…

  12. I wonder if he is on disability and doesn't have to pay for the ambulance rides and the hospital. If he did he would never call them I'm sure. That's probably going to be a big problem if we ever get free health care for all people just calling for every issue they have because they don't have to pay for it.

  13. Don’t worry, they’ll give him a warning after this that’ll say if he calls again without real emergency he will go to jail for abuse of public emergency service.

  14. Put him in an old person home and leave his lonely annoying booty there. Plenty of ppl to talk to there 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  15. As an EMT myself …. I HATE people that think they need an ambulance for EVERYTHING… waste of our time and valuable public resources

  16. This guy is just gaming the system 50k to pretend you got hurt on the bus. Then blows it on women so he does it again…pretty sure this is fraud on camera.

  17. Homey just wants some of that sweet sweet morphine. Maybe a little dilaudid for punch. And a couple percocet for the road.

    What he really needs is a psych eval, a couple warm meals and and a tour of a level one trama center so he knows what a ten really is.

  18. If he is a drug seeker, staff would know by now. Hope he finds a way to move forward from frequent ER stops. Life is too good to waste time like that

  19. He's probably not getting serious pain meds. He just knows to say it hurts so they'll take him in. My assumption is he's lonely someone needs to help him find a program or something.

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