[Lit Learning] Let’s Tour a Dispensary

There we go, hey everybody! So I’m here in beautiful Colorado. We are about to take a tour of a dispensary. I have found an
owner that will let us tour not only the facilities- from coming in the door and
presenting ID, to see what- you know what like -what’s the big deal? What happens in
a dispensary? What does it look like? What are these security protocols? We’re about
to find all that out. Also he’s gonna let us tour the grow. So we’re not only gonna
get to see how it’s handled for patients when we go in to purchase our medication,
but also how it’s grown. So that you can see you know from soil to seed to plant
to shelf: how the whole process works. What I’m aiming for is to clear up a lot
of the confusion that we seem to have going on in Utah right now. I keep
hearing a lot of “well what if this what if that how does this work?” My whole goal
is to just 100% transparency clear up all these questions so hopefully we’ve
addressed everything and I hope you guys learn something new!
Enjoy! Hey so, oh it’s bright, I should’ve grab my sunglasses! We were here at the herbal alternative in beautiful Colorado and they have given us permission
to come in with a camera Okay so right from the get-go: signs on
the doors. Your identification- you have to be born before 97. Like you’re not
even in the door yet and they are giving you security notices will be in the
second door here yes ma’am Hey excuse my mess I was just last year our flour all over here and
then we’ve got all of our edibles and the cartridges and stuff like that
around the wall thank you we just remodeled so everything is fresh and new
in here

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  1. I'm underage so i just use darknet markets for psychs and weed, were only knowledge is required.

    How's the dispensary weed like?

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