Lisa Miconi-Correa, FNP – South Ogden Center for Family Medicine

(upbeat music) – My name is Lisa Miconi-Correa,
I’m a board certified family nurse practitioner
at South Ogden Center for Family Medicine in Ogden, Utah. What inspires me when I take
care of patients in the clinic is seeing the full circle
of care come to fruition. So diagnosing a patient,
following through, seeing the results and the effects on their health and their wellbeing really
inspires me everyday to get the patients the best
quality care that I can. Our clinic is unique in
the fact that we have been around for at least 30
years, all the physicians there are well known in the community and within the local hospital. Well-respected and so that
the tie between the local hospital and our clinic
with the small community, really makes for patient-centered
care that has a good quality reputation in our town. I would like to thank my
patients every time I see them and they are trusting me to diagnose them and lead them down the path of wellness. And I see the effects that
I have on their wellbeing and how it improves their daily life, it is so rewarding to
me and I am so thankful that they entrust their care in my hands. (upbeat music)

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