Linebacker Tackling Fundamentals and Techniques Duffner

Beyond tackling fundamentals and we coach
really our entire defense with this group of tackling drills. We like to start first
with our players in the fifth position where there contacting a good bend in knees ankles
and hips and their in a grab position so they understand what a perfect fit would be on
a tackle so and we like to use the word bite the ball get your body in a position where
you can bite the ball where it’s in the outside arm of the running back so you’ll
see we started already with a fifth and then the next phase of our teachings gonna be starting
a hit point and a hit point is arm’s length from the ball carrier so if I refer to the
word hit point we’re arm’s length away from the ball carrier so so here we’re lined
up with our linebackers their arm’s length away from the ball carrier those are your
players facing us and this whole audience here and we’re gonna work on just our strike
our footwork with a good base we gain a base and then the punch with the arms so on the
command you’ll see all linebackers attack shoot their hands and hips try not to wind
up we don’t want to bring our hands back we like to shoot the hands and get a good
grab tackle and good grab on the back of the respective back so we’re just alternating
here we’re hit point depth arm’s length off and now we’re gonna shoot the hands
regain a good base get your eyes in the sky teaching very simple and good strike mechanics
on attack alright you can see how we went through that from a hit point fifth position
now we’re gonna get off the football about two or three steps from contact and we’re
gonna work on a shimmy which is just gathering our feet we’re shimming to the target and
then we’re gonna shoot our hands and grab the ball so that’s what shimmy strike means
and you’ll get an opportunity to see that in this phase of the diagonal okay so couple
steps from contact good baiting position shimmy your feet shoot your hands and grab the claw
shimmy shoot and claw or grab put all this in your own terminology but make it as simple
as you can okay in terms of the approach angle very simple two to three feet steps from contact
and now we’re gonna get even further off the football and now we’re gonna start with
run which is the speed then come down to a shimmy and then execute the claw which you’ll
see on this next phase of the drill and this is how we teach every position so we’re
using the pro hash marks for the separation of distance between the tackler and the ball
carrier here so get on a command set you’ll see speed shimmy slide claw okay let’s take
another look at it alright there’s good again separation as we’re closing distance
speed shimmy shuffle claw okay same drill now now we’re gonna go in an angle and most
of our tackles are at an angle versus straight on so now the angle would be speed here then
shimmy then execute he claw coming in an angle to the respective call carrier so as you watch
this now there’s the angle and as they get to the hit point you tell the back to make
his move so we can execute the angle tackle another picture of him right here going to
the defensive left speed shimmy slide club pretty good picture here’s this is over
exaggerating the shimmy slide and club try to bring it up personal to you just shimmy
gather your feet slide and claw now speed shimmy slide club alright so we’re off the
football now speed shimmy slide an club pretty good shots of this really trying to coach
up the fundamentals here’s the angular tackle now from an angle so it will be speed to shimmy
to slide to club as you watch right here speed shimmy slide club try not to we like to be
fluid in our movement we don’t want hop or false step by any stretch speed shimmy
slide and club this is a bunch of rookies early on in in the rookie minicamp trying
to work on these tackling fundamentals but again I think the real fundamentals is to
make your team solid in terms of tackle once you’ve gone through that step like process
now you can incorporate the sideline tackle the open field tackle the drop the pass drop
tackle the trigger tackle some of these other drills that well show you that you can put
on your menu for your linebackers this is a sideline tackle okay we’ve got a ten yard
distance between the ball carrier and the tackle so we want to again come at an angle
were we’re speed shimmy slide and rap up same drill now hack the hack to the near hip
alright you’re hatching to your number right here this is gonna be a mis-tackle because
it’s a poor approach angle alright so there’s in this video here we’re showing you all
of it now it’s not all highlights okay so ten yard separation speed shimmy club there
we go speed shimmy club rap up bring your hips regain a base with your feet your gaining
base with your feet okay now we’re changing the back and the ball carrier or the back
and the tackle this is the ball carrier here’s the defender we’d like to back and make
one move we’d like him to make him one move we’re not trying to be red grange here we’d
like to make one move and I think you get a pretty good picture of the drill here we’re
not line tackling it here either these are good thumper thud tackles here we’re trying
to get great upper body violence by our tackler but not taking anybody down now an open field
tackle probably the hardest one for us to make in ball we’ve got again a good ten
yard separation between the ball carrier and the defender and we’d like to have in this
case the ball carrier and defender we’d like to have make sure we see this tackle
versus hearing it okay so grab a body part grab a body part so here you’ll see with
space now and this is with no pads this is just with hats on again the gather the shimmy
the come to balance and grab claw regain a base with your feet simple drill again ten
yard separation the back gets really one good move but let’s make sure we secure the tackle
we want to see it if we can hear it that’s good but if we see it that’s the key get
that tackle made now drop tackle all we’re seeing in this drill is a simple pass drop
and again this is same put your foot in the ground speed shimmy grab club just trying
to add another component and trying to develop eyes hands and feet the trigger tackle is
another opportunity were the linebacker is gonna open his hips to the hook he stays visual
with the quarterback the quarterback throws the ball to a check down a back in front of
him now you want him to get his foot in the ground and come down hill and understand that
he’s got another defender with him okay so what we’re trying to do is open our hips
to the hook we’ll settle when the quarterback does and if he gives us direction and then
delivery trigger bring hap to near number and you’ll see here our line back working
real hard to start the lawnmower that’s a shock you’re trying to get the ball off
the guy so now we’ve got three linebackers in the same trigger drill and then open your
hips trigger on the quarterback means plant drive on his direction at delivery and then
close would be a proper exit angle to make the play now the bag tackle and these are
just a variety of drills for you to choose as you’re trying to improve your linebackers
and your defenders and your tackling the bag tackle gives us the best chance without any
injury possibility of really getting the full body hit through on a ball carrier and we
use a bag we use a coach to give us running direction and as you’ll see this drill we
get a good follow through kind of developing the kinesthetic steps if you will of making
the tackle so here’s our coach right now this happens to be the DBs what we use at
all precision simulate the running back and then follow through the hip through where
we use a tackling mat and this can be a mat you get off your track team you can certainly
buy these all the vendors have them but what we’re simulating the follow through the
hip through the aggressive body feeling of getting a great tackle so nobody gets hurt
in that

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  1. Is the shimmy really necessary? Momentum is key when maximum force is needed to stop an object traveling at the same force in the opposite direction . With a shimmy you lose half your momentum.

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