Lifeline to Mission Hospitals Worldwide

My name is Dr. Lance Plyler. I’m the director
of World Medical Mission at Samaritan’s Purse. We are in the country of
Zambia at Chitokoloki Mission Hospital. World Medical Mission has
sent volunteer doctors here to this hospital for many
years to help these people. When I come here, it can’t
help but grab your heart because you see these
people with disease. And it’s so advanced. Some of these
mothers and fathers come so far just to get
to these hospitals here. And it’s so important
that World Medical Mission is helping provide medical
equipment and doctors so we can help keep these hospitals
going and provide the health care for these families
in the Name of Jesus. You can just see behind me. I mean, this hospital is filled. And I can honestly
say that being at so many of these
mission hospitals, there’s not nearly enough
doctors and way too many patients. So just this morning
we went on rounds with one of our
volunteer doctors. And he saw over 110 patients. Hospitals like
Chitokoloki could not survive were it not for
volunteers that come out and serve. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Dick Furman with
World Medical Mission. We started this
post-resident program where we were asking
doctors who felt called to full-time
mission work to apply. It’s evident these
hospitals would be closed 10 years from
now, 15 years from now, if it weren’t for these
young doctors that are giving their lives to the
Lord in full-time service. Many of the hospitals
that we are supplying with post-residents
now are blossoming back to like they used to be 20 years
ago with the spiritual impact, with the medical impact. And that’s going to allow
these hospitals to continue on for years to come. Boy, girl? Girl. Girl. Name? No name yet? No name. This morning when I got to
go around the maternity ward with you, it was so special. And I know for many
moms back at home that to hear that heartbeat
is a special connection for the first time. But the thought
that many mothers don’t hear the heartbeat
until that baby comes out. And when you brought
this tool out, I thought you were teasing me. Buumba, I don’t hear anything. Let me see. This is– Thank you very, very much. –for the hospital. Thank you very, very much. And to be a part of Samaritan’s
Purse and World Medical Mission, to be able to partner
with hospitals and staff that work so hard,
and to be able to help provide medical equipment
is just pretty special to be a part of. Thank you very much. That’s your baby’s heartbeat. You can hear it. [HEARTBEATS] Wonderful. [MUSIC PLAYING] One of the hospitals
we just came from, they have not had a
functioning x-ray machine for several weeks now. That’s devastating
to the hospital. So many of these patients are
in dire need of x-ray imaging to help diagnose and
treat their ailments. And so it’s essential
that World Med continue to provide
these medical supplies, like the x-ray machines, so that
these hospitals can continue to serve the people of Zambia. It is so important that we
keep these hospitals alive because it provides
so much for a family, especially for women and
children in these communities. Samaritan’s Purse goes out
to the ends of the earth to meet the needs of
people that are poor and have advanced disease that
would not have help otherwise. And we’re meeting those needs. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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