Life Without Limitations: Derrick Teague

You have to do a lot of searching with in yourself and do you wanna stop or
do you want to keep going? and if you’re determined to keep going, what does it take to keep going? Derek Teague was determined to keep going following a diagnosis of Retinitis pigmentosa. The disease which
affects seventy-five thousand Americans, causes a slow loss of vision and eventual blindness. The diagnosis meant that this IT professional, who enjoyed an active lifestyle with his family, would need to learn a new way of life. His four-year-old daughter was his motivation. “What type of life is she gonna have if I don’t have a life?” So, you gotta make a choice for your family. So, my family needed something different or I had to do
something different from my family to exist and keep them at a certain, I guess, lifestyle comfort level so, you go out and you try and you never give up. The Addie McBride Rehabilitation Center for the Blind gave Derek the tools he needed to never give up. The center which is free to all Mississippians with disabilities is a personal adjustment training center
for the visually impaired. Derek took advantage of every service
offered at the center, from learning to read using braille to
honing his computer and communication skills. Derek’s “can-do” attitude inspires others. He’s walking with this his head up. He’s got people following HIM now. He is a very intelligent man. He is a very
positive person and that kinda spread to some of the other folks that we have. Addie McBride counselors help clients find their confidence and freedom to live. The most important piece for a counselor is to help that individual realize that even though you have a disability, you’re still a person. Derek has advice for all Mississippians who are visually
impaired and need help: Stop being in denial and come to The Center, let them evaluate you and listen to what they have to say but
you gotta you got a group here that’s trying to help you keep yourself in a situation where you’re
lively and you can still contribute to your

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