Life onboard a medical ship – Sailing in uncharted remote waters!? YWAM PNG | Medical Ship Series

Hey guys whats up, as those following my Instagram
would know I’ve been doing something completely different, a different type of ship and so
here is an YouTube update of my latest life at sea. After my chief mate license, I’ve decided
to continue my sea time. Catching a red eye flight to Papua New Guinea
to join ship, except this time its not a containership. The ship I’m joining…or rather… volunteering
is the vessel called YWAM PNG, a 15 year old catamaran that is formerly a cruise ship refitted
into a medical ship. This catamaran, with a double hull design
offers a shallow draft, allowing the ship to reach extremely remote communities of PNG. More often than not, we are navigating in
uncharted, un-surveyed waters and sending out our own speed boats to do depth sounding
surveys for the ship. And that ofcourse will be saved for another
vlog. Crewed entirely by volunteers, the ship provides
medical help, education and support for those living in poverty or remote villages of PNG. On this trip joined with me are 120 other
volunteers that includes surgeons, dentists, nurses, a captain, officers, engineers, ratings,
media and many other. The purpose of this trip, for me, was to do
something out of my comfort zone while accumulating maritime experience. PNG has been coined land of the unexpected
and itself, is a stunningly beautiful place. Among all these amazing uninhabited islands,
it became evident of how remote it is after spending a few weeks here. Electricity was non-existent in most villages
and traveling was done with simple wooden canoes to get across islands. Their life are so simple, lacking the necessities
that we take for granted while appreciating the little things we often overlook. With 84% of the population living in remote,
rural areas, divided by complex river systems. This meant that storing vaccines, getting
medicine, getting medical assistance or first aid is always a challenge. A simple flu, fever or infection could mean
certain doom. And For that same reason 43% of the population
are under the age of 15, one in four PNG children will not live to celebrate their 40th birthday. That is a lot of dreams cut short . The services
that the medical ship provides here, makes the difference of life and death for these
PNG people. We met this boy named John in the village, with infection to both his legs and with his
feet already rotted away. He was carried by his brother 3 hours walk
down the mountain because all the medical assistance nearby were helpless to his condition,
and without proper treatment it’ll become fatal. Now I don’t usually get emotional, but it
really did sadden me In the short time that I’ve spent here,
there were a few cases where a child’s life was clinging onto the end of the thread because
of a simple illness. A simple Illness that can be easily treated
with modern medicine. Shell shocked was an understatement, it was
hard for me to wrap my head around what these children are experiencing, having so little
years alive yet dreadfully and hopelessly waiting for their life to slowly end, believing
that no help is available. But this is where we step in, Providing medical
help and education to young, and old. We were able to give John treatment and send
him across the islands to a large hospital to get healed and receive possible prosthetic. The future of a nation is only as bright as
the children growing up. Bit by bit to help them with our power and
skills , however small it is, that is when amazing things happen. Their standard of living improves,
Babies are born healthier. And the village thrives. That is the mission of YWAM PNG. Half a year ago i didn’t even know volunteering
on a ship was a thing so I’m still adapting to it. In the
next few months I will be updating my life onboard, the usual maritime stuff in addition
to other professionals and their story. The things we do here are unique and
much different than what goes on onboard a cargo ship. A cargo ship would be crazy to even consider
navigating in uncharted waters. And with 150 life onboard its a big responsibility. So stay tuned and if you are interested in
helping YWAM, there are links below. See you next time.

60 thoughts on “Life onboard a medical ship – Sailing in uncharted remote waters!? YWAM PNG | Medical Ship Series

  1. I don't know how old you are? But you certainly are a remarkable young man.
    From Los Angeles California USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‘

  2. hi! thanks for sharing this video- i'm looking into volunteering with them as well so it's good to see your perspective! i do have a somewhat silly question, but i have to ask for health sake- what was the food like on board? did you have fresh fruits and vegetables available?

  3. JeffHK, I almost never comment on youtube videos but this was a great video and I'm glad that you shared this experience with the world. Best wishes and good luck on your mission.

  4. We stumbled across your videos a couple weeks ago, with interest on the Cargo Ship stuff. For some reason your newer videos were not listed, I just found this one and looked at the title and thought Hmmm… Medical Ship, sounds like a YWAM kind of thing. Clicked on it and… and saw more of the title… I know some one who spent time on a YWAM boat I think he was a captain (He is captain of cruise ships now), and another who did some other work with them, these people were years ago mind you. In one of your video's you said Canada. Well hi from Canada, and Praise God for your willingness to go.

  5. I didn't know that this existed or at least not that it'd be so simple and easy to join and do some good! Since I'd be moving across europe after finishing my residency in 3,5 years anyway I decided to take some time off and volunteer!

  6. Wow! Those drone shots are breathtaking. Loved the fact that you chose to do something like this and share it with us. It really gives me the right perspective on life. Thank you!

  7. Seeing all these i believe that people are very kind and very helpful itโ€™s just that politics, Money& Religions screwed us

  8. Didnt realise there were so many people in poverty right above Australia, I wonder if their quality of life would of been different if Australia somehow kept PNG back in 1970s?

  9. Wow this video was just, amazing and all the things your doing and seeing. This is why I want to be a Marine Biologist and travel the world ๐Ÿ˜Š

  10. @JeffHK nice mission, your vids have that "onion-cutting segment story".. Brilliant and very touching.. May Almighty Lord continue guiding and bless all of you volunteers.

    Regards from Tanzania, East Africa.

  11. This is interesting. Iโ€™d be interested to know how many staff and โ€œa day in the lifeโ€ type thing.

  12. Iโ€™d hire that guy to create videos for my charity. Those videos are so beautiful, and he made me cry. But Iโ€™m afraid my charity is right-wing and people never consider it relevant. Iโ€™m an MRA.

  13. I kinda feel happy, because it's like it's also talking about my life, never had a life in the perspective of those who got a nice house and nice job, been always in the perspective of those kids. *thankfully life has ups and down but if people are content, happiness is the same to all.

  14. Iโ€™m new to your channel, but so far Iโ€™ve binge watched almost all of your content today. Seeing this video made me realize the content of your character is admirable. Takes a selfless person to volunteer their time to help people like this. Even if you didnโ€™t help directly, your contribution MATTERS. In the world we live in now, it warms the heart to see this. Well done bro

  15. I have instantly subscribed. Looking forward to see more content of Ywam wonderful work with the help of your amazing video skills.

  16. Keep in mind good deeds are often more harmful than good.

    Low I.Q. population size is limited only by their supply of food and medical access.

    They will under go population explosion if given unlimited food and medicine.

    Which then leads to fighting for other resources and which then lead to wars.

    Much more suffering than had they been left alone. Interfering with nature.

    Very few populations have the I.Q. and knowledge to self regulate their population size despite abundance in food.

    example/ Just by increasing fresh water in African regions has led to explosions in populations.

    The limiting factor was water. Immense suffering soon followed due to competition for other resources.

    Violence, chaos and deaths.

  17. As an importer and sea timer ive always enjoyed and appreciated your cargo ship videos your efforts to show and tell…now, my level of respect for you is as high as it can ever be. From worlds apart in your previous appointments to now threading in the waters of PNG Just next to my home SI !! In similar uncharted waters, experiencing the simple existence of life as we know it. Much respect for you brother. Keep up this energy. Tankiu tumas

  18. Dude u edit so well!!! U should make a documentary on the change ur making to the people who live out there! GREAT JOBBBB!

  19. Hi Jeff. We love your videos here at YWAM Medical Ships Norway! We all subscribed to your channel. Hope to see you on board some time.

  20. You got this. Congrats on your courage to look outside the box, taking the road less traveled, & most of all for doing the right thing. Imagine a world where everyone helped their neighbor & everyone had access to the basic necessities of life ?? Will I for one have high hopes & imagine a better world free of wants, needs, chaos, & confusion. And You as well as all those aboard are proof something like this could actually happen one day.. .. Great work, this video speaks volumes !!

  21. Jeff I swear you are SO MUCH GD awesomeness packed in human …I'm half P.I. and I know how much decimation a islands population can receive just from a virus or even from foreign germs/bacteria that most mainlander are impervious to them…so THABK YOU for spreading that awesome persona around because we as a species still can't grasp the importance of worldwide humanitarianism via our worlds oceans and subsequently these costal and islands and atolls and their respective communities populationzs…keep it up
    Oh and btw PULLEZE be careful out there …Poseidon isnt in a great mood with us..something about a giant floating trash/waste patch floating on the surface…
    And may we have somw more time lapse vids…that 30 days EPIC

  22. Hey Jeff. I know youโ€™re always on the go. Do you think you could do a video on your video set up and equipment like a back stage tour for us? Just a suggestion

  23. Hi sir Jeff I'm a 3 year associate graduate of marine transportation in philippines, worked in domestic cargo ships for almost 5 years as a rating. (Next year 2020 or hopefully this year 2019) I'm already 23 years old and I'm planning to take my career to the next level (deck officer). I'm planning to take my studies in Australia Maritime College, can you give me some advice because you're from there, you graduated there and as far as I'm concerned, AMC is one of the prestige maritime institution in Australia.

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