Life in Prison: California Medical Facility

[Music] “Time sits through the
hourglass through night and day. And I watch as the
games people play.” RICHARD LAURANZANO: They
didn’t give you life without. They didn’t give you
the death penalty. They gave you 25 to
life or 15 to life. That means you get out. ANGELO CHAVEZ: Hoping they give
me a compassionate release. For them to take care of
me it’s costing probably in the thousands a
day keeping me here. CLARK KELSO: Possibility
of having such things as medical parole
for older inmates with chronic conditions
whose release to a private medical
facility would not pose a risk to public safety. HARRIET SALARNO: Why
they are in prison, ok, these are heinous crimes
that they’ve committed. They are not rehabilitated. DR. JOSEPH BICK: People
have very strong opinions on both sides of
this discussion. And certainly people who
have been victims personally or their family members of some
very heinous crimes from some of the people who live in this
facility and the strongly feel that it doesn’t matter
how old somebody gets or how sick they get or
what their likelihood of reoffending is, they
should spend the rest of their life in prison. LAURANZANO: And there are a
lot of guys like that, 70s, 75. They are no danger to
anybody, not even using me now, they’re no danger, I
mean they’re no danger but they’re still in prison.

11 thoughts on “Life in Prison: California Medical Facility

  1. The second inmate in this video, Chavez, is a child molester. He's the last person who should be requesting any compassion. The fact that he uses citizens tax money as a reason to release him just goes to show that he is intelligent and manipulative. The state would still be spending money on him if he were released: medical, social security, etc. The best way to save money is to start executing the ones on death row!

  2. An old friend of my brother's is now serving time in this prison, I'm not exactly sure what he's charged with

  3. I don't want to give out his name here on YouTube and I'm not sure if I'm able to email you through your YouTube profile or not

  4. These professionals are too sympathetic. These POS receive better treatment than law-abiding citizens do. They're supposed to be punished. It's not supposed to be nice for them. They have the likes of Edmund Kemper in there for fucks sake!

  5. Richard Lauranzano is serving a 50-year sentence for seven counts
    of sexual offenses against children and murder. He is currently being
    treated for a heart condition and was treated in prison for stage four,
    non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His cancer is now in remission. (Jan. 5, 2010,
    Angela Carone/KPBS). He has an artificial heart that keeps him alive at the cost of millions to tax payers. He believes he should be paroled!

  6. I was very young when i dated someone who had been serving time here. He was manipulative, abusive, violated his parole constantly.
    I have nightmares still decades later. Much damage can be inflicted with words.

  7. What is this? A fuckin senior citizen benefit to go with their discounts and shit. I don't think so. Back to the end of the line and quit acting stupid. Justice isn't going to curve around age. Only those under the age of 5 get a break from what they do.

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