Life in Medical School: RESIDENCY INTERVIEW!

This video is made possible by care/of. Hey everyone! Good evening! It is Monday night and it is officially interview
season. I have two interviews coming up this week. One is gonna be at my home institution and
the second on Thursday is going to be at a different hospital… it’s going to be in
Brooklyn. I’ve been just kinda thinking about all the
interview questions and how to prep for them and I thought I might make a vlog out of it
so I wanted to bring you guys along the journey and let you guys know how I’m prepping and
what I’m gonna be wearing and things like that. So in terms of how I’m prepping. I sort of looked at the questions that are
floating around online. Some of the common questions that they ask
in residency interviews. And you can find the list pretty easily. The question of whether these questions will
actually be asked will really depend on the program. And you know, it’s impossible to be perfectly
prepared going into an interview. I think there is always a component of the
unexpected and something that you really didn’t prepare for but I think the ultimate goal
of these interviews, at least for residencies and probably for medical school as well is
for the programs to get to know you. And not just get to know you but get to know
beyond the numbers say in your applications and what your CV says or what your resume
says. I think, in my opinion, I think that is the
main purpose of these interviews. So I’m kinda going into it with the attitude
of I just want them to get to know who I am as a person. I think that takes a lot of the pressure off
of this whole process. It’s always helpful to go through this process
with a friend. So I am pairing with my friend Dania, who
is also going into Emergency Medicine. So we’re sort of bouncing questions off of
each other and trying to prepare together. That way you don’t feel so alone. So that’s today for me. In terms of outfits. I have really just one outfit. I really just wanted to find one outfit that
works and just stick with it and not try to experiment too much. If you guys look at my closet, I really have
like really neutral, similar color shirts. Here are all my whites, I have the stripes,
whites, beige, and some of the blushed pink, light blue slash light grey, this is a rare
color, navy and black. That’s really how I prefer my tops to be:
neutral. So I don’t really have to think about it that
much. And when it comes to bottoms. I really just have dark color pants. That’s just my personal preference. I think when it comes to interview outfits. There are many opportunities in life to stand
out with your clothes and make a statement about who you are with fashion. I think the interview is not the time to do
that. At least my personal opinion is to not be
recognized by your clothes at the interview. Because if someone remembers you by your clothes,
they’re not thinking about all the great things that you said about yourself and your experiences
in your CV. So I think, at least for medical school and
for residency interviews, it’s perfectly fine to just blend in and wear that black suit
or that navy suit and have it be totally unimpressive. I think that’s the safe way to go, to be honest. So I’m gonna be wearing….may be I’ll show
you guys wearing it. So this is outfit number 1 or what I’m thinking
about wearing. With a black pencil shirt and it’s long enough
to come a little below my knees. It could probably be at my knees and still
be okay. I’m more comfortable with slightly longer
lengths. And this is just a blazer not a set. I think the problem with this outfit actually
is that this skirt is on the longer side and the blazer is on the longer side so I don’t
think that it quite looks like suit. I think it just kinda looks like I’m wearing
a longer blazer over a blouse and a shirt. So I think I’m gonna try on outfit number
2. So this is outfit number 2. And I think I feel much comfortable in this
outfit. I’m wearing basically ankle pants I think
they’re from Anne Taylor and the same blazer and the same blouse. The blouse is from J. Crew from a while ago
and I think the blazer is from Calvin Klein, which is also from a while ago. I do feel more comfortable in a pant suit
than a skirt. And I think the longer length of the blazer
still works. So I think this outfit is the one that I’m
going to go with. This is actually the same outfit that I wore
for the interview that I had during my away rotation in August. I think it works. If I want to switch it up, I’ll probably wear
a different blouse. I would probably stick with something neutral
like light grey, or light pink, or beige or something like that. This is going to be my outfit tomorrow. Alright, so I’m gonna continue prepping for
my interview questions and I will check in with you guys a little later. Hey guys so it’s about 10:30 or 10:40 right
now. And I just finished preparing for my interview
tomorrow. I think I’m going to bed soon. The best thing I can do right now even though
I’m really nervous about it is for me to just get a good night’s sleep and wake up early
enough, get ready, and get to my interview on time. So I’m gonna head to bed. I’ll check in with you guys tomorrow morning
if I have time if not, I’ll check in with you guys tomorrow after my interview. I think that it went pretty well. I had an answer for all the questions and
I think that’s really all you can hope for. In my head I was imagining a time where they’d
ask me a question and I literally have nothing to say and my mind would go blank and that
was kind of my fear/fear situation. But that didn’t happen. So that’s good. I’m really happy that that’s done and that
it’s behind me and it’s just one of the interviews that I can cross off my list. And then I can just go on and focus on my
other interviews that are coming up. So I just got home. I’m gonna change. I’m gonna… I think what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna print
out a calendar of all my interviews that are coming up because there is a bunch that’s
coming up in the next month or so. So I wanna have like a physical calendar with
me so that I get new interview invitation I can know exactly what days I’m free. I think I’m gonna do that. Then I might take a nap cause it was kind
of mentally draining to answer questions and have everyone evaluate you the whole day. I’m gonna take a nap and maybe do some other
stuff. Maybe prep for my interview that’s coming
in two days. So that’s what I’m gonna be doing for the
rest of the day. Okay so this is what I ended up doing. So I printed out my google calendar so that
I can keep track of all my interview dates. What ends up happening is you get your interview
invites from your e-mail and a lot of the times, I’m either at the hospital or doing
something else. So I open the e-mail, because these residency
interviews tend to be very competitive, you have to sign up for an interview date right
away. Otherwise they can run out of space and you
have to be on the waitlist. Something that ends up happening is you’re
on your phone and you’re checking the calendar of when you’re free or when you’re not free. You end up kind of switching between the two
apps back and forth so you’re checking your calendar but you’re also checking the interview
dates that are offered so doing that can kind of waste your time. I decided that the best way to do is to print
out an actual physical calendar. So of course everything is on my Gmail. So I printed out my Gmail calendar for the
month of October, November and December. So that I can have it with me at all times. So when an interview invite comes in, I can
quickly take a look and see what dates are free and I can sign up for the interview. I don’t remember having to do this for medical
school interviews because I think they offer you a date (I think) I don’t think you have
to sign up for available spots. Maybe it’s changed since last time I applied
to med school. For residency interviews, those spots get
filled up really, really fast. I know I’m on at least one wait list to find
an interview date. So I have to act fast. So I think these paper calendars will come
in really handy. You can also use a physical monthly calendar. I think for this purpose, a monthly view is
like the best view of your month, rather than a weekly view which is what I normally prefer. So that’s what I’ve been working on. Kind of getting my schedule together, making
sure all the interview dates are solid and confirmed. And I’m also read a little about the program
that I’m gonna be interviewing at on Thursday so that was my day. So let me know if you guys find this whole
interview process interesting. I know that as I go further into my medical
training, I know that a lot of you aren’t even studying medicine or aren’t really interested
in doing that so I don’t know if this is interesting or useful or applicable to a lot of you but
if you guys find it interesting, I can try to film more of these throughout my interview
dates that are coming up for the next couple months. So let me know what you guys wanna see and
if you guys have any questions about the whole process and I will try to address those questions
as best as I can. Before I finish the video, I wanna thank care/of
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is “strivetofit” So I’m gonna close the vlog here. Thank you guys so much for watching the vlog. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me know if you guys are interested in
seeing more of my interview process and I will try to film more of it in the next couple
months. Thank you guys again for watching and I will
see you guys in the next video. BYE!

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