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  1. Avoiding ''HIV testing'' will prevent ''AIDS'' and the myriad of ''undesirable effects'' of ARVs:
    Los test del sida no detectan el VIH /watch?v=YoyO9qYoeR0&feature=related

  2. In House of Numbers: Anatomy of an Epidemic, an AIDS film like no other, the HIV/AIDS story is being rewritten. This is the first film to present the uncensored POVs of virtually all the major players; in their own settings, in their own words. It rocks the foundation upon which all conventional wisdom regarding HIV/AIDS is based. /watch?v=_p-ttLfkZHQ

  3. Now scientists are backtracking:
    Nobel Loreate and discoverer of ‘HIV’, Luc Montagnier: The body can naturally get rid of ‘HIV’ /watch?v=WQoNW7lOnT4&feature=related

  4. Immune deficiency prior to 11984 was rampant in Africa. What makes you think that for the last 30 years the epidemic of immune deficiency cause changed from environmental to sexual? watch?v=hmClZCaNjo8

  5. The odd scientist may backtrack, but what about the activists who are much larger in number: Social Worker Shares Scepticism Re: African ''AIDS'' and E.U. Hetero ''HIV Epidemic'' /watch?v=hmClZCaNjo8

  6. You have a good point, dont wish death on anyone but they believe that if they have it they can get rid of it by having sex and thats why it spreads. Someone said to me load a plane up and drop condoms on them but they wont use them. Aids in africa is a loseing battle, The meds are great but people need to learn so i do understand your point, been studying it for 8 years

  7. I have met other's at this site who experienced the same results go check em out at w w w SilentCures .c o m I was in bad shape & for a long time was always bed sick but the sad part is WHY is the government suppressing colloidal silver it makes no sense. I was diagnosed in 2008 & spent many days in hospitals I suffered man did I suffer all those years only to find this silver water 15 years later in 2007 it kinda pissess me off anyhow don't miss the train get this stuff it is the real McDeal

  8. I went from full blown AIDS to undetectable with the use of colloidal silver I couldn't believe it nor could my docs I flushed ALL my antiviral meds in 2007 & remain undetectable even today the shit really works it makes no sense for all the suffering the world needs to know about this. I waz up to 74 pills per day im sure my health ins appreciated this which cost was them a whopping $5,000+ per-month no more Antripla, the pills caused more damage then the disease! continue >

  9. I symptomize for the people in South Africa the website I get my colloidal silver from helps many people in South Africa, the site owner has even shipped free colloidal silver to other country's. HIV/AIDS is a painful debilitating disease and with it comes lot's of physical pain and these people in Africa deserve better then this it really tics me the hell off !

  10. I am so lucky that peripheral neuropathy is one of the aspects of HIV which hasn't touched me & I'm 20 years diagnosed.Also,living in the UK,access to combination therapy is instant & exempt from prescription fees.Other nations such as Africa & India seem to not fair so well,sadly.

  11. I wise for god & pray HIV virus killed medicine come soon all over the world, hiv person live free life from virus…,

  12. Great upload. The reality is that we'll probably never see a real cure until we expose these pharm companies as the criminals they really. Educate yourselves my friends, we're in this together. Visit my channel for a free e-book exposing easy natural cures for most major diseases. Peace and happiness.


  14. Hi im 15 year olds and today i had biology lesson about HIV/AIDS and i remember that HIV is a Lentiviruse and like other Lentiviruses they attack the immune system but for me, the most interesting lentivirus in terms of the investigation into the origins of HIV is the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) that affects monkeys, which is believed to be at least 32,000 years old so meybe the SIV was trassmited from monkeys to humans and formd into HIV and started the Pandemic across the world but too bad there is no vacine to stop this terrifying virus.

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  16. Well, you do hear that there are some cases where sometimes the disease is obtained accidentally whereas in other cases it's obtained through sex with an infected person or from what I've heard, sharing drug needles. People are scared and I don't blame them

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  25. For any of y’all that aren’t aware or don’t fully understand what AIDS and HIV are I really recommend reading what I wrote:

    Many people only know that HIV/AIDS is transferred through sexual intercourse. Yes that is true, however, the virus can also be transferred through blood transfusions (contaminated blood), and needles. After 1985 Red Cross started screening the donated blood after many people unexpectedly got the disease-sadly including my grandmother I never met. HIV is the virus that soon develops into AIDS. Most of those with the virus start noticing symptoms when it is developing into AIDS. When the virus kills almost all helper T cells and only 200 remain you are diagnosed with AIDS. Helper T cells are the body’s cells that recognize foreign antibodies. Meaning less helper T cells the virus takes over which is why there isn’t a cure. I don’t understand how some people joke about this serious topic.

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