Life as a Doctor: Pop Culture vs. Reality (Medical Resident Vlog)

Hey guys, thank’s for joining me! Today’s video is going to be about what I
used to think medicine was all about… so TV shows, pop culture, compared to what it’s
actually like. So we’re going to talk about emergencies,
CPR, flat lining, call rooms, paper work, and is Dr. House right? Are all patients really lying to us? So comment below and let me know what you’ve
seen in the media about medicine! I thought everything was STAT, like, you order
blood work STAT, you get a CT scan STAT and if anyone is remotely ill… STAT! Turns out, things don’t actually need to be
stat and when things are stat, it’s a really big emergency and then people move super quickly. Like things get done so fast when someone
is bleeding to death, or can’t breath, that’s when you see things move. But otherwise, you are actually juggling a
ton of people, so everything actually isn’t STAT. So when a flat line happens and you see, beeeeeep,
and then obviously they grab the paddles and “boom” they bring someone back to life. That’s actually completely false. So when you see that flat line, there’s actually
nothing you can do but do CPR, that’s the only thing… you actually can’t shock that
rhythm and it turns out, as I learned shocking is actually stopping a person’s heart
and then allowing the heart to restart itself. So this idea of shocking someone back to life,
we’re actually stopping their heart. CPR in TV shows and movies, looks pretty easy. One person going at it, basically just doing this. No problem. In reality, I am sweating when I’m the person
doing CPR, like you actually will be drenching through cloths, it’s hard work! People line up, so you have nurses, med students,
residents, all of us lining up and every two minutes, “bam” someone switches. And it’s hard, arms are locked, you are using
your whole body… so it’s definitely not what they show in movies. Well in Grey’s Anatomy they have bunk beds
in their call rooms. I actually thought that’s what I was going
to find when I went to a hospital. Turns out, that’s not true and thank goodness
because if everyone’s pagers, beepers and people were talking on the phone, like that would
be terrible… and a little big awkward. Doctor’s wear white coats, right? Ok I can see why I was mistaken there because
a lot of doctors do, but actually there are a lot of doctors who don’t and I would say
in the hospital I work at, probably most doctors don’t. In fact, most of the cities I have been to
most don’t. And there are some different reasons, some
people say it’s so it’s not as patriarchal and I’m higher than you, i’m wearing a white
coat. and others say that, you know, they wonder how often do doctors actually wash
that white coat and maybe it’s not actually as clean to be wearing this white coat from
room to room each time. You finish seeing someone, you write a prescription
and you move onto the next person. There’s SO much paper work in medicine, seriously. Like you do something good, you have to document. You do something bad, you have to document. You’re totally confused and have no idea what’s
going on, you have to document. When you finish medical school, you graduate,
you’re a doctor, you’re a resident and you know all the basics and you can just go in,
you can operate, you can diagnose everyone, you’re good! Dr. House always says that patients always
lie, never trust what they say. I guess I have no idea if that’s true or not. Honestly it feels like people open up, but
maybe I’m being scammed this whole time. I don’t know, I like to think the best of
people. Luckily the important things about medicine
are actually what I expected, so you do get to make incredible connections with people
and hear their stories and be there at an incredibly difficult time in their life and
you get to see people grow over time. You get to learn, it’s so fulfilling, so those
important things are actually what I expected. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to like
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79 thoughts on “Life as a Doctor: Pop Culture vs. Reality (Medical Resident Vlog)

  1. Love the insight and comparison between TV and reality. Very entertaining. I also hope you are going to use that musical intro for every post – fantastico!

  2. Can u do a video on why u chose medicine & what specialty (or what kind of doctor) you chose or want to become

  3. Great video! I gotta tell you in med school we had some call rooms with multiple beds at McGill, it was always a relief when you woke up to find out it was someone else's pager beeping LOL

  4. in a few of the hospitals i've rotated at they'll have two single beds (instead of bunk beds) in one call room but i've even seen bunk beds and single bed rooms. and i love when Grey's anatomy showed codes being called, they never show that it's a team of medicine residents, students and attendings not usually a surgical team running the code

  5. Hi!I have just found your channel,and you are amazing!So positive.
    I have some questions to ask you,so I would be so grateful If you are able to answer me on instagram.
    Greetings from Serbia

  6. Myth: Doctors know more than the patient all the time.
    Reality: Patients know their own body best and can help the doctors figure out what’s wrong!

  7. I just started watching your video and I'm hooked on it. I'm going into the nursing field and hope that one day I will be lucky to work with a doctor like you

  8. I thought the same way when I came out of nursing school. I'm tall so I always had to be on compressions for the code team. After 5 minutes of that, you are covered in sweat!

  9. Great info. As an er tech/ EMT I find that pts lie to the nurses and er docs more than the residents. Except everyone lies about how many drinks they had. LOL.

  10. Thanks for the viedo I see the difference between grey's anamoty and real life. I have had lots of surgery and I see the difference.

  11. Hi, I live in Brazil and I know your channel a year or so ago, it has helped me a lot to understand the language. I do not know how to explain, but you have an excellent diction, so it's easier for me to understand. I intend to speak English in the future because I'm programming myself when I finish high school and move in. I know it's a big change but I've been looking for this kind of thing for a long time, I intend to study medicine I know it's difficult but even with all the controversies and difficulties I realized that's really what I want to do, I know I'm new to think about it still (I'm 14 I'm going to do 15) but I think on the one hand it was good for me to decide because the process is more complicated for me because I do not live there and there's a lot to do, and I've already thought about different professions and never I thought of medicine I do not know why, then when I started to see series like Grays, Dr.House, The night shift, etc. I started to interest myself and then I started to do a brief research because also it is not good to just dream and then to practice in another country is even more important. Anyway .. I speak too sorry sorry more please if you can make a video talking about how the selection process works for universities, how the residence works, etc. this kind of thing and why Legend in Portuguese I will be very grateful for truth, I really wanted to be understanding everything else unfortunately this is not yet reality for min, well that's it if you can read everything would be great.

  12. If you can by caption in this video, I also thank you. I do not know how to explain, I really find English easier, so I find it complicated a little because Portuguese is very complex, he lives by changing the conjugations, time, verb, etc., depending on the situation, who you are referring to, and this type of thing. Besides that we spoke very detailed things, I can not explain English, it is more direct the list of languages ​​is much simpler. I know it is a big change but I think it will be a little easier for my parents to accept because I have a cousin who already lives there. I did not choose medicine because of the financial condition but because I love helping people, really, just thinking that all your effort will be worth it and that someday someone else will be able to make a difference, that is gratifying. I could stay in Brazil and act here even more I think I can help people with problems that are much more common in my parents compared to the US, besides that I will learn a lot and finally live my dream of living in American territory and who knows in the future to speak English. I know it sounds like a bummer haha ​​but I've always dreamed of living there since I was very young.

  13. So true… Most of us who just graduate from medical school generally know nothing much. Yes we may have the basics, but that's IT. Basics. Just scratching the surface of medicine.

  14. If you like watching medical shows, I recommend watching The Resident! It just came out, but it’s really good.

  15. I’ve been a nurse for 11 years and almost NOTHING is like what you see on any of the TV shows. Im looking forward to watching the videos on your channel.

  16. It really grinds my gears when I watch Greys Anatomy and see them shocking asystole, hahaha. When I want to explain how defibrillation works, I usually say that the heart is choking or coughing really hard and when you defibrillate, you strike on the back to free up the airways (stopping the heart). That stops the ''choking'' and the person can start ''breathing'' again normally.

  17. I'm not a health major (though I've been playing around with the idea) and even I laughed at the expertise thing. I think residencies (I think that's the right spelling) should be seen as a medical internship pretty much. At least that's how I interpret it.

  18. I’ve noticed in Greys Anatomy that they have very strong relationships with their coworkers. is this true? do you have a lot of close friends in your hospital?

  19. I've never watched Grey's Anatomy, or ER. But one of my favourite shows is actually Scrubs. The main protagonist is Dr. John Michael "J.D." Dorian, M.D., Internal Medicine–it follows his journey from Residency to Attending. Although in the final season of the series, after some time passes off-camera, he is eventually Residency Director.

    It's considered, for the most part, to be a fairly accurate show. If you've seen it, what's your take?

  20. There is a question that has been bugging me for the past few months..Do you really not get any free time at all, for like hanging out with friends, family, once you get into med school? Will we not have time for our hobbies? I am so confused with all these articles I've been reading saying that doctors are super busy 24/7 and that they literally give up on their social lives. And not being able to find time to socialise is the least of my worries but one thing that worries me the most is if I'll never find time for my hobbies again..i love dancing and sketching very much as much as I love med, will I have to give up on them in order to study med?

  21. My grandma always told to study and study and never to stop and never depend on a man. Because he can always stop loving you, and leave you. But ur career will always be there to support you. So seeing how much you work and find time to do extra things is like awesome noone to hold you back. Kuddos to you ur amazing!

  22. I no longer have insurance so I guess it doesnt matter anyway but do you have any advice as how to get doctors to listen to you? I had a really terrible pain in my side for 3 years and my doctor kept brushing it off and not listening, "nothing serious has happened yet, youre good." literally his words. Then I started having chest pain that went on for a few hours and made me tired, this went on for a few months and when I finally talked to him about it he said it was stress and to relax. Heart problems do run in my family as well as some other things. Its just so annoying and frustrating and sad that none of my doctors believe me, or listen to me when im in pain. I had pain in my teeth for 8 years before a new dentist was like wtf, you still in pain after I did what theyve been doing for years? lets fix that. Then I got a root canal and I can drink room temp. hot, and cold water without crying now. Doctors/dentist tells me im lying or that its in my head when Im in pain and its tiring.

  23. Not all patients lie, but a lot do, and I know this as a person suffering from multiple disabilities and chronic illnesses.

    But what pop culture gets wrong is why they're lying, and what they're lying about. We lie about our symptoms because we know that if we don't exagerate you'll ignore us. Chronic pain level of 3-5 can make life nearly impossible and is a sign of a serious problem, but if you say you have low level pain to a doctor? They throw standard issue tylonal at you and tell you to get out.

    If you have severe pain they'll assume you're lying for narcotics, no matter what.

    You tell a doctor you have a series of symptoms, any symptoms, and you have a vagina? They just assume you're lying. I know women who've had long term injuries, even internal bleeding, and nearly died because doctors turned them away over, and over, and over again.

    And a LOT of disabilities have a tramendous amount of stigma. So we have to lie to get good treatment. Doctors are bigoted, they assume the worst about patients from the start, and you have to fight tooth and nail to get them to acknoweledge that there's any possibility that you could have a real problem.

    If you can't be diagnosed at a glance, doctors are essentially useless. So lying is the only way to get any medical treatment at all, let alone competent treatment.

  24. Call room at my hospital doesn't have bunk beds but they aren't private rooms like you seem to have. It's basically a line up of a bunch of beds.

  25. As a chemist, a lab coat is PPE, not a status symbol, and needs to be considered contaminated with up to the worst thing you've worked with while wearing it, but that's just my field.
    I've heard medical professionals talk about the concerns for cross contamination with regards to white coats before, as well as some men saying they don't wear ties for the same reason (nobody washes their ties). Having worked on antibiotic synthesis it'd be really nice if doctors would work to reduce disease vectors and the over prescription of antibiotics – making antibiotics is hard work and we need to make the ones we have last.

  26. Also wanted to know.. does everyone sleep with everyone else… like the interns and resident doctors the way they show in Grey's Anatomyyyy.. LOL

  27. This is really ignorant lol but when i was much much younger (meaning when i didn't actually go to the doctors for more than a check up or if i was sick and my mom brought me in.) I thought nurses did a lot less than what they do. It wasn't until i was about 18 (i'm 26 now) that i realized nurses do a HECK of a lot more than i ever thought they did. To be fair though i have been really lucky in my life that i haven't needed to see many doctors or nurses for that matter. Family history is really healthy, so when my grandpa started to decline is when i realized that nurses have a much bigger roll than i thought they did.

  28. Lol I am on the path to being a Paramedic and I once had todo CPR for ten minutes so I completely understand what you mean!

  29. When it comes to "hospital tv" I only watch what they call "workplace realities" – where they're simply filming what's going on in the workplace and put in voice overs to explain things or fill in boring moments. Mostly Swedish ones though, to be able to fully understand everything.

  30. I don't know if they have it on Netflix in Canada or not, but one of what seems to be the most realistic medical shows that I've seen just by what you have described is The Night Shift. I like it because it's different, where most medical shows are based in New York or California it's actually based in San Antonio, Texas. And it is what it sounds like it's actually mostly veteran doctors on night shift at a hospital.

  31. Can you tell us how you deal with mental patents like if they’ve got autism, adhd, ocd that stuff of when they’re at the hospital because they hurt themselves

  32. Just a question- Since you said that during a code blue you don’t use those paddles and instead perform CPR, what do you use the paddles for?

  33. In the Medical TV culture comperd to the hospital medical culture is actually beutiful in a way in a way unlike the TV image shows.
    I've got cystic fibrosis so I'm a regular outpatient

  34. As a mexican we always said when you go to the doctor always exaggerate to get medecine otherwise they just going to said it’s a virus in send you home with nothing

  35. Love your videos! Where do you live? (State wise, country wise, just wondering if you’re in the US mainly!)

  36. just started your videos after discovering ur channel today.. i have a question, what kind of doctor are u? and also i too wanna be a doctor when i’m all finished with HS, College, and MS..☺️ i’m in the end of 9th grade rn and i honestly can’t wait!!

  37. You talk about the white coats. Me and my late mum both have/had what they call 'white coat' syndrome where our brains went into ' fight orflight' mode

  38. You should react to greys anatomy, I would love to watch that. I’ve always watched that show thinking it’s real or at least very similar to real life.

  39. I have a problem, i have lost faith in Drs.. Drs are controlled by mostly drug companies, I am nauseated all the time, nobody knows why.

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