LGF Quickie 19 – What happens at the Clinic?

Hi, my name is Doctor Gabriel. I’m one of the consultants who work at the Manchester Centre for Sexual Health. So, when you arrive at the clinic you’re usually registered at the reception, which is right out there at the very end. After you’re registered at the reception you wait in one of the waiting areas until one of the doctors or nurses calls
you in for a test. After you’re seen, you go home and you get the test results. Usually they’re sent via text message on
the phone. When you see the nurse, this is a sexual health clinic but we’re also doctors so we’ll ask you general doctor type questions – what’s your current medical history, what medications are you on – just to see whether there’s anything relevant for us, or anything that could be related to the reason you’re here or any medications that could interact with anything we could potentially give you. Then, obviously, we need to get to the personal details when and what you did when you last had sex. Maybe go back a few partners before
that. And then we do what’s called a blood-borne viral infection screen, which is asking you even more personal questions about your risk of HIV. It’s all confidential, so don’t worry
about what you tell me: it’s all kept within these four walls. That’s a favourite question! So have you heard about ‘the umbrella’? We don’t actually use the umbrella anymore. The equivalent of the umbrella is this little red plasticky swab here, which we might need to put in just a
little bit into the end of the penis to collect a sample of discharge. But we only do this if you’ve got symptoms. So, say, if you’ve got a urethral itch or some discharge coming out of the penis, then we can get some of it with this, put it on the microscope and give you a result there and then. So a bit of pain but a lot of gain. What is even more important, however, is just doing the swabs and the urine sample. And a urine sample is actually collected here. Now, no man can aim at this that I know of, so we give people a usual urine bottle and
they pee in it and one of the nurses gets some of the urine and puts it in here. And, if you’re gay, you get swabs from the
throat and usually from the back passage. Just this tiny little swab here. When your results are ready- like I say, if you’ve got symptoms, sometimes we can do this test and give you result there and then so we’d be able to give you provisional results on the day of the clinic. But if you’re here
with no symptoms – if you’re just having a check-up – then you leave a mobile number
at registration and we just text you the result on your mobile phone that you left with us. Well usually, I mean it’s good practise because if you don’t treat a partner and you have sex with the partner, you’ll just catch it
again. So yes, that’s something we would encourage you to do. If you feel uncomfortable doing it, then we can do it on your behalf anonymously. And sometimes partners are not contactable
so don’t worry if they’re not contactable; we’ll still treat you and we’ll do our best
to get the details if we can. Absolutely not! What happens at Manchester Centre for Sexual Health stays at Manchester Centre for Sexual Health, unless obviously there’s something that, with your permission, the GP should know about. If you have and STI and you need treatment, we’ll call you in and tell you that you have an STI. We’ll explain it in detail; we’ll explain what the treatment is and offer it to you. And usually we have a stock of treatment
in here, so maybe there is and maybe there isn’t one for you and we’ll take the stock out, give you the tablets and a glass of water and you can take them. But sometimes the treatment requires an injection so one of the nurses will usually sort that out in one of the adjacent rooms.

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