Let’s Tackle Your Post-Treatment Bruising

hi guys my name is dr. Sarah Tonks I’m a cosmetic doctor oh my god that’s my f guys my name is dr. Sarah Tonks I’m a cosmetic doctor in London do you know how many emails I get every week from patients whom have had something injected like Botox or fillers something like that and they are like totally freaking out because they’ve got a bruise yeah it’s quite a lot it’s quite a lot and of course yeah yeah we always have that conversation you might bruise that it’s a risk that this could happen we are sticking a needle into your face after all you don’t really know where all the blood vessels are or the little ones anyway so there is a risk that you could get a bruise you need to prepare yourself for that eventuality so what do we do if somebody does get a bruise and you can either see it coming like when you’ve done the treatment you just see like it’s starting to form underneath the surface of the skin or if it shows up even like maybe two or three days later is there any hope for these people well first of all I would say number one don’t panic because it’s normal if you jabbed yourself in the thigh with a needle you might get a bruise as well so don’t be surprised if there’s some bruising after you’ve had a treatment and don’t make the mistake either of kind of thing oh well you know when I had it with such-and-such three years ago I didn’t get a bruise because do you know what so what the anatomy you don’t know where it is such-and-such was lucky last time they treated you maybe this time you’re unlucky so it’s not necessarily an indicator of skill on the part of the injector whether or not you bruise obviously if you’re seeing like the butcher of Blackwall and they’re like you know hacking away and jimmy-ing it round like this and you know really going for it of course yeah you are more likely to get bruising and swelling after that happens but you know if you’re being injected by somebody you can see that they’re being careful you know that they’re using all the right size needles and you know they’ve been respectful of the tissues and then you get a bruise then I am sorry but it’s just bad look it’s just one of those things how long does a bruise last? well kind of depends on you so for example if you’re kind of fit and healthy and you’re sort of youngish what about 10 days if it’s something significant and you’ll see it go through that normal through cycle where it goes dark like a purple color possibly even like a Blacky purple color and then you’ll see it goes a bit greeny and then yellow and then slowly starts to fade so what can you do to try and speed up that purple black green yellow cycle I’m gonna take you through my favorite things that you can do at home afterwards so first up is the old Arnica versus bromelain debate I know a lot of people like arnica I’m more of a bromelain girl the reason for that is it’s got more evidence behind it so in a review study done recently they found that five out of seven clinical papers have found a positive effect of bromelain and 4 out of 13 found a positive effect for arnica so the figures are better for the bromelain that’s oral by the way not topical so this is the one I like to use it’s a higher nature bromelain it’s a pineapple enzyme it’s very good for taking down swelling as well so if you’re feeling a bit puffy after you’ve had treatment done maybe you’re thinking you might get a bruise or two start necking down the bromelain it can’t hurt you and you take one of these three times a day works a treat if you want to take it alongside arnica then totally be my guest go for it knock yourself out speaking of arnica I do have one Arnica cream in the clinic which is this teoxane post-procedure fluid I say fluid it’s basically a cream it just as fluid on the front I think to make it sound a bit fancy and the reason that I like this one is it contains arnica and a bit of aloe vera but also some cool hexadiene as well which is an antiseptic so it’s quite good if you know when you’ve had a treatment done and you need to do a little bit of massage just sort of you know molds the product gently into place well I tend to do it with this they’re not always sometimes I do it with this but yeah this is definitely something which is more clinic based you probably could use it at home but by the time that you’ve gone home you probably don’t really need to use anything with core hexa diene it this one or a derm X over this is vitamin K cream so that’s not as much evidence for vitamin K cream but there was one study looking at people who have had laser treatment and whether or not use of topical vitamin K could speed up the bruising after the laser treatment and the answer was yes it could again sometimes I will use this in the clinic but this is probably more appropriate for you to use at home as well it’s cheapest chips you just buy on the internet it’s by a company called Oregon international last up we’ve got bruise MD cream it pretty much does what it says on the label so it’s for prevention and treatment of bruising so with this one it’s quite interesting because if you see a bruise forming just one are over to the cupboard without the bruise MD cream and slather that on because the glycerol inside the product makes the capillaries close off a little bit because it causes a tiny bit of swelling there you you have to wait until the treatment has finished before you use that because otherwise you can’t really see you know what you’re doing and it’s that swelling caused by the cream like what is it whatever who knows um but basically it stops the flow of blood being quite as much to that area thus reducing the bruising so you can also use it once a bruise has formed as well should you wish to though to be fair I would probably if you’re gonna do it at home I probably use the oral bromelain and the vitamin K cream I think you know to really pack the sort of double punch there what if you want to be like totally extra about this like topicals it’s not enough for you taking a tablet is not enough you need to push it to the next level what do you do then well my friends you have a laser or IPL so sometimes if somebody has an event coming up and it’s like a super important saying we’ll have them come back to the clinic and use some laser on them normally if it’s a purple or a black bruise then we’ll go with the nd-yag laser if it’s kind of going like green yellow IPL works better for that but you can also use a KTP laser as well and a pulsed dye laser – it just happens that they’re the ones that we have in the clinic and in my experience if you’re treating when the bruise is at the purple or black stage you probably cut that healing time in half roughly I’m sure the rest on things out there for bruising that I haven’t mentioned yet I’m just talking about the products that I tend to use in the clinic if you have got any amazing tips or tricks for bruising up your sleeve then please let me know I haven’t talked about people who use garlic or any vitamin E supplements or any anticoagulants or anything like that because now if you’re taking an oral medication to stop your blood from clotting it’s kind of important you kind of need to keep taking that you definitely wouldn’t stop taking that just because you’re gonna have a cosmetic procedure even if you’re taking warfarin you can still have injectables done so don’t be worried about that I’d rather that you bled a little bit then had a stroke so yeah guys if you’ve got any tips that I haven’t mentioned let me know in that comment section below we’re gonna start doing a bit of a feature at the end of these Wednesday videos now where you ask me a question and send in a picture of yourself saying should I get this this or this done oh you know what do I suggest or something like that so if you want to be on one of the videos and ask me a question like that and you don’t mind being like roasted a little bit then drop me an email I’d love to hear from you okay guys so that’s it for this week I hope you enjoyed it and found it illuminating please join me again next week where I will be talking about more of the same stuff and I promise next week a hundred percent for sure that video of me reacting to celeb fillers and other work it will be out it will be out I just haven’t quite nailed it yet okay so I’ll see you then Tara

16 thoughts on “Let’s Tackle Your Post-Treatment Bruising

  1. Another good one! I bruise easily so it’s good to know about oral bromelaine in particular. πŸ™β­οΈ

  2. Im so glad you mentioned warfarin. I went to a local clinic and they wouldnt do filler which was annoying! I would love to send a pic and get your advice. I am in Glasgow so would have to come down for a treatment and it would be good to know what you thought. I have been enjoying watching your videos for a while now, thank you for taking the time to make them!

  3. I need to rewatch this and take notes of all them! Very helpful. Love the idea of the new segment, I’ll be sliding into your DMs right now πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  4. Another very good video! I definitely am one who gets bruises. I use a product called DerMend in combination with eating pineapple and it really works. I might give the bromaline a try next round, always good to have choices. Thanks Dr Tonks!

  5. Doc you seriously crack me with your awesome delivery πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, I love it! Always fun and informative & interesting, so thank you! πŸ˜‰

  6. Doc you seriously crack me with your awesome delivery πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, I love it! Always fun and informative & interesting, so thank you! πŸ˜‰ I just wish you lived in Australia 😬

  7. Hello, I actually saw you in your Clinic the week before last and I forgot to ask you a question. After Botox do you belong to the school of thought that one should not lean forward or bend over for four hours afterwards? Sorry off topic. JR

  8. LOVE your video as always. Quick question on bruising- one of my nurse injectors had tear trough filler & has been bruised for almost 6 weeks. It seemed to get lighter after zapping her with our IPL laser with vascular filter, but now it is back to the black/purple in the exact same spots. Any other suggestions? Thank you!!

  9. Hi dr tonks ive just dicovered your chanell but i wanted to chime in you said if anyone had any other things they know of to help bruising well ive used hiradroid not sure if youve heard of it my nan swore by it for bruising so i tnought id tell you and see what you're thoughts are thanks for the informative video all the best

  10. Hi, Surgeons told me that actually aloe vera destroys proteins and is bad for healing scars after surgeries. What is your opinion?

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