Let’s Go! Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

The Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
is first and foremost a wildlife rehabilitation center we are a hospital
it takes in orphaned and injured natives Pennsylvania Wildlife. We have outreach programs throughout the
community and here at the center that people can come here and learn more
about our native wildlife. If you’re looking for a tour what we do is we
schedule it in advance and we have an educator that walks you through the
property and takes you to the appropriate education animals and then you
will learn all about those species and what they’re doing in our backyards. “So this is the clinic.” “This is the clinic.” “Two baby blue jays. A lot of our babies will get a syringe diet and then we add things to it accordingly to what
they would eat in the wild. We try to talk to people about the different ways to notice a
distressed animal that would need your help so we often will work with a person
for hours or even days to determine if that baby needs to come here. So Leigh this is room service for your
four beavers here? Yes. I see they’re vegetarians is that true? Yes, they’re
complete vegetarians. We have four baby beavers
they’ve been here in our care for a year. They are in a custom enclosure with a
heated pool of filtration device on that pool to keep their water fresh and clean
and then they have a house that they live in. They eat all manner of root
vegetables and of course wood lots of wood sticks and leaves. Today we’re going to show a group of
young opossums. This kiddo is about four months old, just about ready to move to
an outdoor enclosure to start getting super wild. When you hear the term “playing possum”
you don’t actually go, “Ah! I’m scared!” and fall over dead, they start to drool,
they get very lethargic and they fall over and they actually faint and they
stay unconscious for about 30 minutes before they recover. All right Grover come on in. Okay.
Oh my goodness! So this is where the fawns go so that they don’t have too
much interaction with people. Oh he wants, haha! So this is something you might show the
campers. Yes we have a wonderful summer camp and the campers get to do lots of
fun things. We have a great set of woods out here and the campers spend a lot of
their day in the woods learning about how to spot environments that the
animals live in, learning how to discover which animal has been in the creek
before you, learning to respect and have compassion for the wild world around us
all while having a great time. Last year we treated just over 5,600
animals here at the Aark. If you have an injured animal or a situation going on
in your yard or your neighborhood and you’re just not sure what to do, please
give us a call our staff is always here to help you and they would be happy to
talk you through the situation and decide if you need to intervene or not. you

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