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Let’s design the hospital of the future! This is Bertalan Mesko and you are watching the channel of The Medical Futurist. In healthcare worldwide, prices go up, medicine is not ready to embrace the new technological
solutions. There are huge waiting lists. Patients sometimes lose not only hours but days from
work because how hospitals work normally. Let’s redesign it. A company called NXT Health
has done an amazing job about designing the future waiting rooms or future patient rooms.
How they would be constructed or what they would like in real life. And I kept on thinking
about what other things we could include in the hospital of the future. Let’s see some
of these. A BBC documentary aired in the 1950s featured
huge lamps in the operating room. They said that the medical record could get to the doctor
sooner than the actual patient. Quite futuristic things, right? Well, we need to be more brave
about that. If the hospital of the future will not be our home, it should include a
few new elements. No waiting time will harden the lives of patients
as cognitive computers will organize all the details of the healthcare system. It will
direct people when and where to go by analyzing their records, and automatically responding
to doctors’ notes and prescriptions. Extrapolating from today’s trends, it is clear,
sophisticated medical robots, surgical robots will rule the scenes of operating rooms. Although
not all operating rooms will include surgical robots as there will still be operations that
could not be performed using only robots. Devices and equipment of radiology, surgery
and many other specialties from CT scans to endoscopic technologies will be so small they
would all fit in the operating room. Cameras will record every movement in the
OR as robots will be controlled from a different, sometimes distant locations. Examples are
already available, for example in the Radboud Medical Centre in the Netherlands, they already
record every movement in the OR with cameras. Using radiology images such as CT or MRI scans.
Patients and surgeons will be able to look into the body and even organs of patients
before the operation for better surgical planning and during the operation for more precise
movements. We could use augmented reality in action zooming into the patient’s body
before opening it. The future of hospital will include materials
that cannot be infected. Flexible touchscreens featuring important health data will be around
the bed which will be controlled by the patient being in the center of attention.
The walls pf the patient room might include virtual reality to make sure the patient feels
literally at home by showing them images and pictures from their home which they can upload
to the system while lying in a hospital bed. Waiting rooms will feature charging sets for
wearable devices where data could also be exported before the actual visit.
So, the physician will get the data they need. These might be the key elements of the future
with hospitals, waiting rooms and patients, but we need more. We need to keep thinking
about how to redesign the whole hospital experience. Or we need to bring the care to our homes
with new technologies. That’s a question of the future. But we need to make sure that
healthcare is going to be affordable, of quality and still provide humanistic care, the focus
on the actual patient. Please share what you think about the future of hospitals and read
more about that in my new book, The Guide to the Future of Medicine. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Let’s Design The Hospital Of The Future! – The Medical Futurist

  1. What about vital sign measurements being available for the patient to see? I could understand, that a constant measurement for the patient could be anxiety-provoking, but as patients become more involved their healthcare I would think they might be curious; every time I assess vitals, patients always ask what are their measurements.

  2. The future of medicine is decentralization: you will have nanobots in your bloodstream keeping you immortal. And not only for medecine… No one will need to go to a hospital, or to a school etc…

  3. Interesting video. Some more questions / research / ideas for hospitals http://www.slideshare.net/frankcalberg/ideas-for-hospitals

  4. Maybe they will really start following Hippa laws….that would be a first….you have to cure diseases and redesign and create true medical professionals first….this is way…down the line. CURE DISEASES.

  5. It we'll be so trippy when you walk into a Hospital and you get greeted by a robot doctor like something in a sci-fi movie.

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