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hey thanks for joining us Bob you have
the sensation in gear how long has been there I’ve been there for about four
weeks okay what’s it feel like well started
out as it was kind of hurting my job in my ear area and I thought I slept wrong
on my ear but it persisted so then I did a five-day dose of cipro which was the
antibiotic so the liquid inside correct correct now there’s the pain hasn’t
completely gone away so I could see if I have occasional pain and I also now have
a sensation of it being cold in there or that my inside is being it’s tickled
inside my my ear okay your drumming so I can’t relieve it but it’s nice consisted
constant but it’s probably three or four times a day right you’re the one that’s
been having this irritation and as the opening there some hairs so we go
through those and then we see a lot of residue from the cipro but sitting right
in the middle that residue is a hair and you can see that hair goes up and goes
right towards the eardrum and those can be terribly irritating your drum itself
looks really clear it looks good there’s no sign of any kind of of otitis externa
or that that stuff other than the residue from the cipro but no wax at all
we’ll go ahead and get that hair out of there okay you improve you hear I’ll do
our best I don’t expect to go this will allow me
you to just kind of brush toward me along the base of the nail there you
need to sweep it this way gently of course my hurt yeah are you
going to be cab hold it
I heard that little click sound easy as touching against point out those hair it
wouldn’t make that you know and what I see is that I did get a little bit but
what’s a wax I didn’t see going back to the further deeper hair that’s the wax you can tell when I hit
it right yeah it’s kind of rough yeah sleeo yeah that’s definitely up for the
edge goes into that’s what it’s yeah winning we may not even even mess with
the ear I mean though the hair if we can get that rough hard oh there we go
yeah we got some chunk of wax out if this solves the symptoms and we won’t
need to mess it out here so this is the kind of stuff that is in there yeah but
this is a lot closer than oping than that hair that hair is like
halfway to the eardrum so I’m at all that was I mean the kind of Sanitation
when you were even typing touching the hair that was similar to what been there
yet but then also a cold feeling like there
was moisture in there which was he just was kind of odd everything’s dried up
now that hair is still pointing the wrong way sorry until there’s some kind of crunch
in there can’t because when that residue is there from the drying of the stuff I’m not nearly as far as that hair
irrigation would be another way to try to get it if you feel like it’s still
there I’d say absolutely let’s do it if you say yeah I think you got it then we
can hold off give it a yeah it still feels like there how would you do it
so irrigation is where I’ll just blood wash it washing some pressure it doesn’t
actually go directly at the eardrum that goes out to the sides okay for a little
jet but we get some warm water yeah just have you hold a little cup to
collect the runoff okay I check in until the problem solved so let me get some
things for that would you want me do yeah you’re just fine
just brace yourself because it’s it’s something is that hurting you
no it’s just I bet you say it don’t it’s something all right we’ll do one of
these no check you know one for maybe 1800 kinda weird you want me to stop
well for those is also available not release entirely whoa
so really a little bit cannot practice okay I’ll hold off then I’ll leave it
here for now I’m going to take it away and it’s just sitting right there still
although it’s a little less encased in the residue from the cipro so you think
if they wash it out there yeah that’s that’s the idea oh you say you don’t
think it’s growing now I think it’s a cut hair it is it’s too long for how far
and it is to be attached blow off and get this after people get haircuts ready
all right here we go kind of finish dressing around your efforts with the hair movin yeah there aren’t
here is that far in the things way in there would just be one full load all right after a second irrigation
looking at the ear canal no more hair your drum and tack residue still there
but it’s just so like I’ll even show you what it looks like here it’s upside down
so that’s the bottom and there’s no more hair there
oh is that little bit of residue and then that’s your eardrum look at that
was that it you said it that’s the ossicles the bones inside you
can actually see them from outside really hmm that’s kind of cool so let me
show you what the hair look like so you know there actually was something there
to see the hair there oh yeah hey thanks MA
Thank You boss yeah that’s good to get that done and let’s tell everybody
goodbye thank you for joining us until next time
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yeah thank all right thanks a lot we’ll see you next time I’ll tell everybody
from what to do

13 thoughts on “Let the Hair Out (Ear Foreign Body Removal) | Auburn Medical Group

  1. Proof positive that Barbers should be aware that when they airblow the freshly cut hair from the customer's ears… that some of the hairs may actually wind up being forced into the air blown canal. Perhaps the Barber should cover the ear opening with their finger in order to avoid the hair's deep entry into the ear canal. But i haven't had my hair cut since back in 2009 & here is the interesting reason why… https://www.quantumbalancing.com/spiritualhair.htm
    -former recondo sgt. 'rock'' 82nd abn. 11b4p 1/504 inf. 81118

  2. So it was a loose hair and not one growing in the ear? I had a doctor use a Waterpik to irrigate my ear one time. It got the monster ear wax ball out, but my ear rang for a week afterwards. Great video!

  3. Oooh, this happened to my brother once and he had issues for nearly a week before deciding going to the doctor's. They'd never had anything like that before, so apparently they got a few people in to watch how they had it taken out? It happened to me a few months after, and it really really is irritating and painful to an extent.

  4. I have SEVERAL cat hairs in my ears and I had no idea until I bought one of those little scope cameras! There's probably at least three in each ear and one lying flat on my ear drum!

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