Leslie Underwood, MD Lawrence OB/Gyn Specialists

My name is Leslie Underwood, I’m from a
small town in southern Oklahoma, I went to the University of Oklahoma undergrad,
and the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. I did my training in Kansas
City, Missouri at the University of Kansas City, Missouri. I’ve wanted to be a physician for as
long as I can remember. From the time I was in elementary school I was
dissecting quail and frogs, and doing science projects with my father, pushed
me towards that at profession. My whole family is medical, my father was a
dentist, my brother’s a physician, my sister is a dental hygienist, and from
the time I can remember that’s what I wanted to do, and there was no other
interests. What led me towards OB/GYN was in my third year of medical school, going
through all the different rotations, I had always thought I would be an
emergency room doctor, and then I went into my first delivery and that changed
my mind completely. I was absolutely amazed by the birthing process and the
attachment that a physician and OB physician gained with their patients. I would describe my philosophy of care
as treating the woman as a whole patient and not with just the problem that she’s
presenting with. I like to see it more of a broad picture. Also, as far as obstetric
care, I like to be as hands-off as possible in the laboring process and let
things occur as naturally as possible. I played golf at the University of
Oklahoma, I have not been able to play as much as I would like to, given the fact
that I’ve done medical school and residency, and had two children in the
meantime, but now I would like to get back into the golfing community. My
husband and I both play golf and we want to get our children into golf as well. When asked from advice from my patients,
I would always say that prevention is the key starting at early, early in
their life, as well as midlife, and later in life. It is better to prevent a
problem than to treat the problem once it occurs.

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