Leopoldo Castaneda, DPT, Physical Therapy – The Corvallis Clinic at Walnut Boulevard

I’ve always been empathetic, it’s part of
who I am. And that’s probably my biggest strength when
it comes to treating people in physical therapy. What I love about my job is, I love assisting
people, reaching their goals. Whether it’s recovering from injury or they’ve
never had an injury, but they’re trying to achieve things that they’ve never done previously. I love dealing with orthopedic injuries, but
I also like treating things that maybe are a little less known and little less treatable by a
physical therapist. I like treating people with vestibular disorders,
so if they’re dizzy, or feeling unbalanced. I also like to treat people with jaw issues
as well. That’s something that’s very underserved as
well. I’d say my approach to patient care is that
I’m an empathetic listener and I think that has to be established early. Whenever I meet somebody for the first time,
so commonly people are interrupted when they first meet a medical professional, so I like
to be that, that lending ear on the first day, so that the patient gets everything out that they need to. The most rewarding thing about my job is seeing
the incremental improvement that patients achieve from a visit to visit basis, and it’s
cool. As a therapist, when you’re seeing someone
once or twice a week, you’re there for all those moments. Outside of the clinic, I love to do martial
arts, I’ve been doing Brazilian jujitsu for the six years, I was recently promoted to
brown belt in Brazilian jujitsu. My wife, Carly, is a student at Oregon State
and we’re excited to be married and to do lots of hiking. We originally met 10 years ago, here at Oregon
State, now that we’re back here, we’re looking forward to getting back into that hiking groove. There’s so much to do around here. My wife and I love to split a craft brew every
once in a while, especially after a long hike. I have one cat, an orange tabby cat named
Rudy, and he’s getting adjusted to Corvallis after being a coastal cat for the past five, six years. The best thing about practicing at the Corvallis
Clinic is the team atmosphere. The people I work with are very knowledgable
and are always willing to help out when needed if there is a question. I also love working with the patients here. The patients all come from backgrounds of different lives, and they make everyday, never a dull moment.

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