Leonard Ezenagu, M.D., Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB-GYN) Department At Mayo Clinic Health System

(upbeat music) – Hello, I am Leonard Ezenagu, OBGYN, Mayo Clinic Health System. I chose to become a physician because I was born and raised in a country where I saw firsthand many
women die in childbirth. And that left a long-lasting
impression on me to become not only a doctor, but a doctor to help people
deliver babies safely. The thing I like the most
about being a physician is that I feel privileged
that people come to me. I feel privileged and an
honor, people come to me and I have their trust in me to help them alleviate their problems, be it having babies or other
non-OB-related problems. What makes me unique from other providers is that I truly feel that I
had a very humble beginning. Coming from Africa, Nigeria,
and a small village, the kind of experience I had growing up, I think is different from most people. And that prepared me for any
kind of challenges I may face, and I bring those experiences
that I had in that environment into my every day work. It comes to me directly,
to be able to show empathy towards my patients and colleagues. In my spare time, I do spend
a bit of time with my family. My wife and I do enjoy going to plays, mostly in the Twin
Cities, some live plays. I like to go out and play
golf with some of my friends, and sometimes, once in a month, I have a few friends
that I get together with once a month just to go
out and just socialize. The thing about being (inaudible
word) is that I love music, I love all kinds of music,
but the music I love the most is reggae music. So much so, that in all my operations, when I’m in the operating room operating, I have the radio station
set on a reggae station. And also I do love to dance. Leonard Ezenagu, OBGYN, Mayo Clinic Health System. (reggae music)

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