Leksell Gamma Knife – Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Traditionally brain surgery can mean
weeks or even months of recovery but there is an alternative to invasive
surgery stereotactic radiosurgery is a minimally invasive treatment that
focuses multiple beams of radiation to specific areas within the brain
destroying disease or abnormal tissue with precision while minimizing damage
to surrounding healthy tissue the outpatient procedure can be performed in
a few hours and patients return home the same day over the past decade Penn State
Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center has performed more than 1,500 treatments
using this technology. Now the medical center has upgraded to Leksell gamma knife
icon the newest technology and cranial radiosurgery icon allows our experts to
target areas once considered too risky even for radiosurgery with unprecedented
accuracy and flexibility for either a single dose or multiple treatments over
a short time, icon enables treatment of larger tumors metastatic tumors and
those close to critical brain structures icon treats virtually any target in the
brain using both frame-based and frameless options along with several
features that ensure the patient receives a precise and accurate dose of
radiation. With this upgrade and the region’s most experienced team, the
Milton Hershey Medical Center is prepared to address the most complex
radio surgical needs

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