LEGO 2018 City Hospital review! 🏥 set 60204

hello everyone this is the new 2018 lego
city hospital set if I’m not mistaken this is the single largest hospital or
medical related structure that Lego has ever made for many things the only other
real competition to this in terms of size was the friends line hospital which
was made for many dolls and let’s just get right into this while I’ve got
everything displayed here because it shows just how the the whole building is
shaped when you see it relative to the minifigures you see how much depth is
actually here I was very surprised to see that they had this much depth with
an additional wall on the back now that wall on the back does not go all the way
up and of course they do have it open to allow you to get your hands in there and
to interact with minifigures actually on each individual level I have three
floors but in total there the roof doesn’t really count can’t really put
stuff up there but it’s a different design than they usually do normally
these days buildings are constructed maybe this thick in total and then
that’s just it and you have a really beautiful front and then everything else
has to be done in just a small area maybe not even this deep so the overall
shape here is pretty cool just from the start and they do use modular kind of
kind of modular styled floors so you can easily remove any one of these one at a
time also this little one off to the side you know all this stuff can be
picked up so that also comes up right there and then you can rearrange these
so put this here instead the roof is also its own thing that can allow you to
get a little bit better access into put figures in there also removing these off
with that back in a minute but so I just show you that you know these things can
be easily changed around to change the look and change the order just just a
little bit let’s take a closer look at the exterior details before we get into
the contents of each individual floor I think this would be the main entrance
down here with what in real life would be an automatic door just slides open
like so and I believe all the entrances on the ground level have wheelchair
access which is what these smooth Dover curved slopes
are for that’s you’ll see in a few places I really like that sticker right
there just seems to have the correct type of Ike Renard I cannot Rafi that
you would expect in a real medical facility and I also like the detail of
the slopes just the plain slopes that they use at the base of each floors you
see those up here as well just adds a little different shape and texture that
that feels right and feels good this is the ambulance Bay over here and really
the ambulance Bay is this empty space this negative space out here that’s
where the ambulance would roll up and they would offload right there this is
kind of the idea so it’s just the the door and the entranceway into the
emergency services are basically just the main entrance to to get folks who
are transported by ambulance into the place and again another really good
looking stinger they’re good-looking stickier there although this one one
just happened to be missing a little bit of its adhesive but I think there are
about 30 stickers in this set in total and most of them I like a lot and I feel
that they add a lot of value certainly if you hate stickers you can leave them
off but if you don’t absolutely hate them I recommend that you do try to put
all of them on and I think you’ll you’ll like the result and even have some small
details so this is supposed to be kind of the the main reception area and
intake area so somebody’s using that computer there and looking up some
individual patient profiles they also have a care cart here not quite a crash
cart I guess but it has some medical related familiar looking medical related
items on it and they also have just a couple things in these drawers here with
an additional syringe in a different color there and at the base they have
just a single pill is that supposed to represent aspirin or something cuz you
know you don’t have anything too strong in it you know in a Lego set there’s
also a little bit of waiting room area that they tried to integrate in there
it’s getting a little bit dark but things a little get brighter as they
remove some of the floors and I’ll get you in there closer but there’s just a
single seat for an individual person to sit back there and
be be waiting either to be cared for or to take care of someone you know to
visit you see a little boundary there between the two sections of the build
with again the curved slope pieces to allow wheelchair access and here’s a guy
who has rolled right up to the concessions counter it had to give you a
different angle to show you what’s on the front of that but this is just small
it’s kind of a tiny representation of the most basic cafeteria and gift shop
so there’s have a couple of cupcakes there a cash register they’ve got a
looks like I can bottled water doesn’t quite make sense right can of bottled
water but I think it’s supposed to represent water over there or a clear
soda and I do want to try to show you a little bit what’s on the front because
they do have a newspaper in there you know what I’m just gonna pull this whole
will build out and if I break a little bit of it so be it but I really want to
show you there we go what’s on the front there because one of them one of those
styles is a Lego set it’s an existing tile that we’ve had before from the
swamp police theme but it’s still nice that they’re offering up a Lego set in
the little shop in the bottom floor okay I’m gonna take you up to the second
level here and this really has two distinct spaces which ideally should
have a hallway or at least a wall between them and a door but they kind of
ran out of space so let me just pull off this module so you can see its contents
more clearly this is the optometry wing of the hospital and she may have that
there again with the stickers very very important with the little panel on the
Left showing probably a touch screen for the I test that’s being done and the
huge sticker on the inside of the panel see this can be lined up with the
figures pretty well so that looks pretty good let me move this patient out of the
way and now you can see exactly what it shows there on the eye test chart if you
can read this you have good vision okay very good and then they show some some
common Lego items over on the left for identification and some very fine
prynt down at the base which probably has to do with different just kind of
giving some patients information about different types of conditions
the next area combines a little bit of a lab over here to the side just the very
most minimal one but it’s enough to give a suggestion and to get kids thinking
about it and a little bit of I guess radiology you see they have a working
light brick there and that will transmit light through these faux x-rays which
are set up on little frames to make them just convenient to move in and out I’m
not going to take this roof off because I want you to see clearly how that
projects watch the wall back there it’s a very strong image that’s great how
that projects out there now it’s a little bit strange for it to be red but
I just really like the image itself it comes out looking quite good and you can
just swap these out two different ones when I move it to the next one here this
one’s gonna be showing a wrist joint again even though I have not turned down
the lights at all you can see that still see that image very very clearly and
each of those is just made with mostly a panel piece with a sticker attached to
it so you just apply those stickers your yourself and again with the stickers
working out really well and this is not my favorite but definitely the most
detailed and the most clever showing the gastrointestinal tract
and you can see they’ve all think of cherries Mayo cherry piece is in there
they also show the heart off to the side stylized a little bit but it just it’s
really cool to be able to do this and I wish they just had more of those you
know more of those stickers so that kids could swap those out it’s just really
great stuff I really like stuff like that I really liked things like that as
a kid even when they didn’t have the shine through feature there’s also a
medical folks Kelton back there just for the sake of illustration so that doctors
can explain how things go together if if any patients are wondering okay can you
show me on the skeleton exactly where the problem is and talk about treatment
so this is this packs a whole lot of stuff into a very
small space now that brings us up to the topmost usable level here and I will
remove the roof just to get a little more light in there this is intended to
be an operating room or a delivery room so this could be a maternity ward or the
O car and it’s set up right now with a baby in kind of a miniature nursery off
to the side this cart can actually be taken out and moved around and it shows
photo of the baby there and also the name that has been given to it it’s got
bottled air and that baby does have a new color for the body that is medium
Azure it’s not medium blue and then this whole setup here is is a stretcher /
gurney that is removable so you can take the patient off and for right now it’s
just convenient to show you yet another sticker that I think is very good the
lifesigns monitor back there let some of the buttons on it you pull that down you
can remove it it just looks really good to me they’ve got the surgical light up
above which can be brought down and angled around different ways that kind
of looks realistic just by virtue of the shape of the piece and the studs that
you can see right through it so that’s very cool and then because it can be
used as a delivery room they also have some some some child oriented
decorations on the wall back there and those look pretty funny and and cool
except for that that just freaks me out a little bit because I understand that
they’re trying to kind of anthropomorphize anthropomorphize a
jellyfish with a face in it which is nice and all in concept but when I
looked at it at first I saw a baby’s face inside of a jellyfish like the
jellyfish had eaten a baby head and that just that just weirded me out a lot now
I can’t unsee it now I’m sure some of you won’t be able to unsee it either I’m
sorry but I had to share that experience it’s just how I felt about the thing but
that pretty much concludes look at the interior here
let’s look at some of the additional builds as well yes it is a lego city set
and therefore yes it does include a helicopter you know Lego loves their
helicopters to go with their minifig themed sets but I think that’s mostly
because kids love their helicopters to go with their minifigs because they like
to be able to fly stuff around and helicopter it is great for that because
you don’t need a runway you can just land it anywhere such as a helipad and
this is included in the set it’s just it’s just that it’s basically just a
plate it’s raised up a little bit they don’t even give you any way to attach it
to the building now you can just stick it on top just place it on top you could
you know this is just the roof assembly here move the kind of HVAC unit the
air-conditioning unit off to the side a little bit remove the tile from the top
of it and then just attach this like so that will work just fine but by default
they just have you putting this on the ground which is just weird to me but oh
well this helicopter is fine for what it is has it’s just a little little case
off to the side that can be used for transporting things looks like think
about some medicine that’s being flown in you could also imagine this being
used for emergency rapid transport of organs for organ donor situations or
transplant transplant situations just a couple of stickers per per side of this
that I think again look very good color scheme looks pretty good there’s nothing
new or innovative about this you know I use that same canopy piece again it
would be really nice though wouldn’t it if this could medevac somebody you know
or bring somebody into to the hospital well it actually kind of can because you
can attach a stretcher gurney off to the side like so and I would just grab a
random figure to represent a patient being flown in and that’s that I just
get attached like so that’s very dangerous looking it looks very
uncomfortable I wish there was just some single-piece going over the top those
couple pieces used to make a little bit of a shield at least for the face of the
poor minifig but at least this does facilitate the transport of patients by
air to and from the hospital so for the sake of play I have to give them full
credit there that works oh I do feel bad for the figure the ambulance is a little
bit of a different story for me the helicopter kind of gets a pass but this
is genuinely good to me this I think actually could have used fewer stickers
and it still would have looked good there’s only one thing about this entire
bill that I do not like and it’s a tiny detail it’s just the fact that they have
these two exposed studs on the front you know it’s basically just a 1 by 2 plate
space there that just looks a little bit awkward to me but otherwise I like this
a lot I like the fact that it’s just the standard LEGO City size so it’s
compatible with all the stuff they’ve made for quite a number of years now it
has different shaping it doesn’t look like anything that they’ve done before
doesn’t look like just a continuation of a pre-existing design for a cab that
they’ve done before and they’ve got the doors that can open on the sides those
don’t really do anything but a lot of people like them to be there so that’s
cool easy access to just a single spot for a driver to sit there but that’s
that’s OK at the printed console in the front that’s nice to see and it opens up
in the back again with stickers opens up in the back very easily very
conveniently and where’s that guy on the stretcher here he is you can just be
pushed right in there it’s a little bit difficult to get somebody in there to
tend to the patient along the way there might be some way to get in yeah a
person an EMT back there just behind the head but it’s a little bit tricky I
didn’t really accommodate that all that well but it doesn’t bother me too much
because this is the most important thing being able to get a person in there
get them out have something that looks nice you know good looking emergency
service vehicle and it’s unique it’s not just a repeat of
we’ve seen for years now so I like this quite a bit I think it’s one of the
nicer ambulance designs that Lego has done to date just could have done maybe
without one of these stickers on on the side it seems just a little bit overdone
here’s a look at the lineup of medical personnel who work at the hospital it’s
nice to get this many different individual people and to get three
different types of torsos obviously the two on the right are identical and the
one on the left is reused but so I think all of these prints look very good I’m
just happy to get more medical related minifig prints I’m fine with no prints
being on the hips and legs it’s nice to get the relatively uncommon medium as
your colour there I do wish that both of the torso prints on the Left were
gender-neutral instead just to give kids the option with Lego since it is Lego
it’s all about building stuff and customizing stuff if you want to would
be nice to give kids the option to swap heads around between all of these and to
you know just set up roles however they want but I do think the prints look good
they just could have been better if they could have been used for more different
people there are no alternate faces for any of these figures here but I like the
hair pieces for all of them here’s the EMT / ambulance driver on the left and
the helicopter pilot on the right and that the torso on the left is actually
gender-specific here but I think it’s done as well as it possibly could be
because you know it’s not that extreme what they did with the body features
there so if you want to swap heads between these two I think it’ll work out
just fine and I’m happy with that just what kids to have options to do whatever
they want when playing with their toys I really like the head piece or the head
add-on piece with the hair and the hat combined there on the left those
generally work out pretty well and between these two once again you get no
alternate faces but I do want to see their normal faces more clearly we then
get all of these people as well to represent patients or
patrons or possible you know if you want to swap some of them into some different
roles like I did down at the cafeteria you can do that have something working
at or around the hospital but this is a nice goal selection you know just
variation there and some familiar things some familiar themes and prints that
we’ve gotten before the guy on the far right uses the newest version of flower
stem and the newest version of flower as well and for the minor guy or on the
left they have the option of not having the head cast on he can come in with
just his hair that’s great he can also come in with his helmet since you know
logo cares about safety so he would have his helmet or he could just have his
helmet with them which you could imagine is broken and then he goes to the
hospital and gets the head cast this cast piece on the arm of the painter can
be removed as well just good stuff just nice to have all these options and to be
able to kind of come up with backstories if you so choose both of these figures
here feature something new the adult on the left has a brand new head mold and
this is really targeted towards the optometry wing of the hospital because
here he has his glasses and the idea is that well you could either bring him in
with his glasses and have him take his glasses off to do the eye test and he
will be straining or he will come in he will do the eye test and he will be
straining and then you will give him glasses
he doesn’t look particularly happy like as if I can see you know so it’s it’s
probably more likely that he wears glasses by default when he takes them
off and it has to squint but it’s always good to get another useful normal person
face design I think and then with the baby so again the body is medium Azure
rather than the previous medium blue that we had also
blue was printed but also credit – I believe it was brick set where I saw it
pointed out that the baby head has been changed there’s a new mold it’s just a
slight change it’s just the the head itself has gotten a little bit less tall
around the neck so they’ve kind of created a neck for it a neck profile
matches the actual look of a minifigure a little bit better but it’s it’s a
really subtle change if I had not seen that pointed out at brick said I
wouldn’t have noticed it myself I would have just been like yeah baby again they
just give us a different color but yeah that’s that’s weird that they would make
such a tiny change it looks better but it’s hard to spot I don’t mind it
it would have been nice to get a torso print on the back of that torso but
that’s an existing one and it’s okay at least it’s a an unusual color a less
common color lastly the set hooks you up with a
single wheelchair the unitary mould specialized mould one that they came out
with it was probably a couple years ago now works very well keeps the figure
nice and secure and held low to the ground and there’s also a stroller which
is a brick built unit that holds the baby in there pretty well I mean it’s
not actually attached with the stud or the anti stud on the base of the baby
itself but it’s pretty well cradled in there and I think the proportions there
are good it’s good use of the parts and it works well so overall this is pretty
nice I think the building just looks good from the outside it’s not just a
pretty face it has some depth it has some thickness and it has as much detail
as they could reasonably squeeze into that space given its overall size and
the overall size is kind of determined by the budget for the entire set
I love the x-ray projection I really like all the details in this room up
here I like the individual carts I like just how many different things they try
to put in here and they got in here successfully including space for
minifigures to actually interact and be placed around there in different
parts of it multiple figures even in a given room this feels like kind of the
opposite of the norm or usually I just go through and I see compromise and
compromise and compromise and I get it I understand that that design compromises
it had to be made but here it’s just pleasant surprise after pleasant
surprise just good things everything that’s normally done halfway
or with obvious compromises here is done in my opinion better than I expected and
better than I could ask for so I cannot complain about this the only thing
that’s really weird to me is the helicopter landing pad but as I already
showed you can make that work just put it on to the building the helicopter
itself is small and limited in features but it works fine and even you know the
ability to to carry a pass passenger along you know a patient along
ambulances is really good I would change out just that front piece but otherwise
I like it yeah the stickers so many of the
stickers in this set work well it’s good I am thoroughly happy more than
satisfied with this I just want to see Lego do more things like this you know
and focusing more on different different types of structures and different types
of services that they don’t do very frequently I feel like this may become
known as the best hospital that Lego has made ever possibly a lot of people will
of course have nostalgia for the hospital that was out when they were
kids or when they were younger or something but if you look at this today
for today’s kids compared to other things that they could be offered you
know if you have an option between getting an older set and this one for a
similar price this offers just so much more so good on Lego good on the
designer so much of this has done so well I’m very impressed and very happy
thankful that a lot of kids are gonna be able to get a lot of enjoyment out of
this that’s it for my look at the set is it for my thoughts if you have any
thoughts about it that you would like to share with my
self and/or the rest of the viewers feel free to leave comments down below and
I’ll talk to you in soon in the next video bye for now you

100 thoughts on “LEGO 2018 City Hospital review! 🏥 set 60204

  1. The old hospital was better for me cause you have a big space for minifigs to move outside the hospital while this one has no baseplate outside.

  2. As a school paramedic myself it's really sad to see how Lego didn't put as much effort into their Ambulant and medical line up as with police or firefighters. Lego still hasn't been making a single ambulance set for a while now, all we have is this and the helicopter. I really wish they gonna make a standalone ambulance soon

  3. Seems like a very good set that could be bought in multiples to make a large scale hospital. I like the modular units and the depth is astounding! Nice job Lego and Jang!

  4. I am 12 years old and I played with the old 1980s hospital set my uncle had know I went the new one of 2018 so my dad may by it for his house because me and my step brother play legos and I am the mom he is the dad and we would build police stations for are jobs and stores and BurgerKing and McDonald’s and I have a lego baby there and

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    This set is very cool.
    The helicopter needed to have better patient storage though.

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    But better ambulance was in set 4431 from 2012. I've got it! 🙂

  8. Got it on sale a few days ago while I like the set for a base hospital set . It felt incomplete therefore the only thing one can do is modified and build a hospital one that’s x-ray room has a rooftop along with additional features like an ER . The size and shape of the building overall is nice . It is at the very least a good starting point for a moc hospital

  9. Bought this for 68$ At a moving out sale. it's kinda ironic since i have bronchiectasis and the doctors use the x-ray to see my lungs and i also bought 2 minifigure bags series 15 and one of them was the Clumsy guy and it was perfect

  10. I believe the miner with beard got hit by a rock,and must had amnesia,and the painter must of fall off the ladder,and then fell on his arm,then he gots now a fracture arm,I think the flowers is for the blond girl who has a baby boy,from the dad.

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  13. well jangbricks they probably put it to the side for better play and make it more real because i live in australia and the local hospital in on ground level and they run straight to the emergency area instead of waiting for a elivator i got the set as well its nice and i evan have a make shift helipad area of to the side of the hospital and it works really well

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  16. We got this set at our local toy shop reduced at £50 which personally I think is a great price for what you get, the light brick X-Ray feature is a great feature I think. I'm also fine with the Helipad being a separate build as here in the UK we dont have such big hospitals like in the US, so our helipads arent usually on the roof of the hospital, I actually work in a hospital and our Helipad is just off at the side of the hospital by the A&E department (the equivalent of the ER in the US).

    Overall, especially for the price I paid I think this is a great set.

  17. 🦠 assembling them with lots of fun indeed ツ
    ty 4 ur lovely review 💚 the x-ray design was cute¨̮

  18. Most countries don't use red for medical vehicles or their buildings because of the negative associations with blood, internal organs, and exposed flesh. Green or pale blue is preferable. though yellow s acceptable. Why Lego insists on red is beyond me. The Lego fire service use red, the police use blue, so why not go with a green and make medical sets look less like a horror movie? Red is just too grisly.

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