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The most common blockages outside the heart
tend to be in the legs. And they’re very common in smokers and diabetics. The symptoms are
called claudication, which is basically discomfort when people walk. And because of that, a lot
of times patients don’t even seek medical attention for that because they think this
is just a symptom of arthritis, getting old, muscle pain and so forth. So unfortunately,
a lot of times it goes unrecognized because the patient don’t mention it during their
routine physical, or visit with their primary care physician or occasionally even with the
cardiologist. There’s this expectation that as we get older things should hurt when we
walk. It’s a pain with walking, as I mentioned, and it’s usually consistent, happens at the
same distance all the time. And and it gets to the point it’s it’s bad, feels like a cramp
where people have to stop. And typical to the claudication, when they stop the pain
goes away and usually the amount of time it takes for the pain to go away is is consistent
as well. So people will say I usually walk two blocks I get the pain I have to stop and
then to five minutes after I stop the pain goes away and I’ll be able to walk again.
Typically it does not happen when people are sitting or laying down unless it’s really
advanced phase where the blockage is so severe to start to cause pain even without walking
or doing activities. It’s the same concept. It starts by defining the blockage, the exact
location, the severity of it, how many blockages. And the way we do that is to what we call
an angiogram, which is similar to heart catheterization in the sense you put a catheter in inject
contrast except now we’re not looking at the heart, we’re looking at the the legs or whatever
location we suspect that there’s blockage there. Once we establish there’s blockage
then it becomes an issue what’s the best way to treat it. And it’s the same as in the heart,
some blockages better served with medication and exercise, some blockages will need surgery
to fix and some blockages can be fixed with a balloon and stent. Which one is the appropriate
approach? It’s a technical issue really. We have to see the blockage to to make that determination.
Big percentage of patients who have blockages in their legs and and outside the heart have
a higher risk of having blockage in the heart and vice versa. The disease process it’s the
it’s the same it’s what we talked about cholesterol buildup, an interruption in that smooth layer
that line our arteries whether it’s in the heart or outside the heart. The risk factors
are the same to cause heart problems or blockages outside the heart so smoking, diabetes, high
blood pressure, family history, really there’s a lot of overlap between the two conditions.

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  1. Sir my mom has pain under right knee, she says while walking she feels pain and she also gets grunting feeling while walking. Does that also a sign of blood clot in her legs?

  2. my leg pain has recently started. hurts when I'M a wake and wakes me up when I'M sleeping. I'm wondering if it's this seizure medication I'm taking.

  3. He is difficult enough to understand then add the irritating music and you have a useless video.

  4. I find it very sad that I had to go to YouTube after visiting the Cleveland Clinic and being diagnosed with this to get further clarification as I was not told in detail how to go about curing this problem besides to take blood thinners.

  5. I went through echo cardiogram…negative…Nuke med cardiac stress test…negative, then onto Cardiac angiogram…again negative….symptom was tachycardia so I asked my cardiologist what "causes" rapid heart rate…she said we don't know…but here is a pill. The medical field is broken big time. Here is the symptom and here is the pill, they seldom know jack shit about the cause or do they want to know. Here is the symptom and here is the expensive drug of which most MD have their head so far up the phantasmal's ass they end up having no clue what they are talking about…Its really sad.

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