Lawnwood Regional Medical Center Community

– [Narrator] Lawnwood
Regional Medical Center and Heart Institute is dedicated to our community’s health and wellbeing. (upbeat music) – This dedication has allowed us to thrive as an organization. Our hospital’s care has been elevated with the designation of
a level II trauma center. Our ER includes a pediatric
ER that’s been renovated and expanded to improve services and allow for shorter waiting times. Our plans call for continued
expansion of the ER to keep up with the growing
demands of the community. This past year alone, we’ve
cared for over 79,ooo patients and have provided emergency room services for an additional 19,000 visits. Our trauma team has provided care for over 10,000 adults and children,
since opening in 2009. Additionally, we’ve added 12
trauma intensive care rooms and 12 surgical intensive care rooms to take care of extremely sick patients. We realize that physical and mental health work hand in hand. Recently we opened an
intensive outpatient program for those suffering with
drug and alcohol addictions. (soft music) We continue to see more and more children come through our doors so
we continue to dedicate lots of resources in support of
women and children’s services. We have the area’s only pediatric ER, pediatric intensive care
unit and level III NICU. It’s our pledge to continue
to invest and increase our services to meet the needs
of our growing community. Currently we invest millions
of dollars attracting the finest specialty physicians such as pediatric intensivists
and OB hospitalists, to take care of women with
high risk pregnancies. Lawnwood’s Heart Institute has the area’s most experienced physicians. The team has cared for more
patients than any other hospital on the Treasure Coast. We expanded our cardiac surgery program so we can now offer hope for
patients that would normally not be candidates for heart
valve repair by providing TAVR, a cutting edge, minimally invasive heart valve replacement procedure. We also affirm our commitment
to the county’s healthcare by taking care of it’s
more vulnerable citizens, the uninsured, which last
year accounted for 36% of the patients we treated. Our commitment is to provide
the finest medical services on the Treasure Coast. Part of that commitment means
planning for the future, that’s why we’re training
the next generation of healthcare workers. Lawnwood hosts more medical students than any other hospital
on the Treasure Coast. In addition, we partner with St. Lucy Medical Center’s
Graduate Program, to train in the areas of
ER, trauma and pediatrics. We found that our great doctors
also make great teachers. In 2016, our charitable contributions, employee salary packages,
local vendor support and taxes paid, have amounted
to a total economic impact of over 254 million dollars
for St. Lucy County. As the county continues it’s innovative business
development efforts, Lawnwood Regional Medical
Center and Heart Institute does it’s part by continuing to ensure a quality healthcare network
to support that growth. Lawnwood Regional Medical
Center and Heart Institute, growing to meet the needs
of our expanding community.

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  1. If you love your family don’t ever come here. Just take a short drive up to Good Samaritan West Palm Beach. Unless you like Third World health care.

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