Lauren B. Richard, PA-C, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation – South Burlington, VT, UVM Medical Center

Hello, I’m Lauren Brogna, and I’m a
physician assistant in orthopedics. Growing up in Vermont, I went to high
school here. And when I was 15, I injured my knee playing lacrosse and it took a
few months to figure out that it was my ACL that I tore and that I needed surgery.
And so I had actually come here and got it operated on and went through the
whole therapy and everything and it was really interesting to see in terms of
the patient aspect, as well as how it impacted my family and all the doctor’s
appointments and the physical therapy appointments definitely shaped my views
on health care and what I wanted to eventually be when I grew up. Working with patients and families kind
of changes or adds to the whole experience. You’re not only
considering the patient’s wants and needs, but also the family’s and trying
to kind of mesh those two together. [On pediatrics]: Sometimes they don’t even know that they’re sick. They’re coming in and they have definitely different outlooks and views on pain and injury and function and it’s definitely different from from adults so
it’s interesting to get that insight into their world.

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