Laura Wroge, PA-C

(upbeat music) – I’m not a big city person, so I really love the small town feel, and so I found out about
Quincy Medical Group, and the first time I
stepped in the clinic, it just felt like I was at home. When it comes to medicine
it is a team approach. It’s the nurses, it’s
the medical assistants, it’s the front desk staff, we can’t do our jobs as
physicians without the efforts of every other member on the team. And if that team works together, you can give the best possible
healthcare for that person. And my impression of Quincy Medical Group was that everyone was working together. I love being able to help
people feel better, hands down. And so the acute care setting, like with the walk-in clinic, people come in with all types
of a variety of illnesses. It varies day by day. But for all those things,
there’s something you can do to help them. And so to be able to bring healing, being able to bring comfort to that person is the greatest gift that I can offer, and what makes me love my job.

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