Last Week’s Scary Hospital Trip… || Q&A Storytime While Testing NEW Makeup

So this video is starting off a lot different than I had intended to when I was supposed to film it for Thursday But everyone is healthy now. We’re feeling good. I got some makeup to play with we’re gonna chitchat do a little like Q&A stuff I’m excited hello everyone. I’m here today to basically sit down and do my makeup for the day I have no no horn makeup for a little while now And I’m excited to finally like sit down and put some makeup on my face because I don’t know about you But I always feel like more put-together and more productive when I actually have makeup on my face so we’re gonna be doing a little bit of a Q&A as I’ve been promising you guys that for the past couple of weeks and I’m finally sitting down to film it so I’m really excited about that we have some new stuff from the drugstore We’re gonna be playing with some new high-end stuff some staples like favorites and stuff and within those favorites Are going to be doing my brow techniques and because this video is supported by Benefit Cosmetics And so I’m gonna be showing you how I actually do my brows because I got a lot of questions because I kind of like skip over some of the stuff when I’m doing like I get ready with me like testing out a whole bunch of new products and a lot of you guys have questions about my techniques because They’re a little bit different so obviously the brows stuff is all like my favorites and stuff from benefit But I will point out to you guys where I’m testing new products and where they’re aprox that are staples and stuff that I’ve tested out before but yeah, I thought this would be a fun video to film as I said before this was supposed to be filmed on Thursday some stuff happened. We’ll get into that And yeah, so I’m back. I’m excited to be back, and I hope you guys enjoyed this video Give it a big thumbs up if you like get ready with me too chatty Q&A videos And if you have any questions or prompts you want me to review anything like that leave them in the comment section below And yeah wait further ado let’s get into this all right, so we’re gonna start with the eyes and I’m going to be using the this is the essence I love color intensifying eyeshadow base and We’re gonna get into some eye shadow palettes that I haven’t Really played around with before I guess I’ll just talk about what I’m going to my eyeballs because the first story is gonna be a long one I’m not really sure which one. I want to play with and may like play around with both, but I’ll tell you what colors I’m using one is the Maybelline total temptation eyeshadow and highlight palette And then the other one is the Urban Decay Naked petit palette, and I also got this one from Patrice It’s their aqua fresh highlighting eyeshadow in a bright fusion, but it’s like this fun like jelly-like texture So I don’t know we’re gonna be going to like back and forth I’m gonna be like answering questions and telling stories and also talk about makeup So hopefully it’s not too confusing so starting with what happened, and why I missed Thursday’s video so again if you guys follow me on social you know that I was in the hospital for the last couple of days With my daughter Julia and Julia is four years old and um Basically quick back story her brother Luke was sick if you guys watched two or three videos ago I was testing in a whole bunch of makeup you can see in the end of the day wrap up. I was pretty worn down from dealing with Luke and his sickness, and he was only sick really for 24 36 hours something like that, and then he was totally fine So then when Julia start going downhill on? Saturday last Saturday, I normally think anything of it because Julia doesn’t get sick that often and she usually fights things off really quickly she’ll just sleep it off and Tuesday rolls around and Unfortunately I’d already booked a doctor’s appointment for something else for her and I was like okay we just have to ride it out till Tuesday her doctor’s appointment will make it to that and she’s just like I Don’t know like labored breathing. She’s just not feeling well. She’s feverish like I’m getting a little bit worried about her, but again It’s a flu It’s flu season like she’s gonna be fine So I took you to the doctor and the doctor does a whole bunch of tests on her and she’s like I’m worried about your Daughter you need to take her to the hospital and my heart just like drops into my stomach No mom wants to hear that Especially when I was just expecting her to be like here’s some medicine take her home put her to bed like I wasn’t expecting that So trying to like open up this package and it’s not opening for me, so I take her to the hospital They do a whole bunch of x-rays test stuff like that and the doctor Comes in and he tells me your daughter has double pneumonia And I need you to I need you to transfer her to another hospital And she has a bed there waiting you need to get her on antibiotics immediately So again, I don’t know if you guys know this but I have anxiety and depression And I’m dealing with this by myself Chris’s with Luke at this point Chris is dropping off Luke at my parents place and like Driving over to the hospital Because I’m starting to breakdown and I’m maintain a sense of calmness for Julia because I mean she’s four years old she’s scared she’s not feeling well, and I have to be strong for her and So I’m breathing I’m trying to just maintain Some level of calmness for her, but like I can feel like almost getting to panic attacks I’m like just trying to keep it from bubbling over like I’ll get there and I’ll feel like I’m about to black out and I’ll have to like bring it down again and I’m just like trying to keep it like Normal some sense of normalcy for her so Julia is on an IV at this point Chris comes in we drive down to the other Hospital we get her in there and like they do a whole bunch of other tests on her and they’re like okay She’s gonna have to stay here for a couple of days. We’re gonna put her on antibiotics and We’re gonna have to monitor her So I’m saying in the hospital, and I like I won’t leave Julia side like I’m in the bed with her Um and I’m like just trying to keep like everything as like calm as possible But like Chris And I are just like glued to Julia and they put her on oxygen overnight they put her on antibiotics and like slowly But surely she started getting better because she wasn’t on oxygen overnight They had to keep her another night, and then now she’s starting. Thank God to be normal again She still has a cough. We took her in for another doctor’s appointment They said that she’s you know improving a lot So I just sort of like cut myself off of social media for the last little while and focused entirely on Just making sure that my family was well and making sure that you know Luke had some form of normalcy like he was having a lot of fun obviously my My parents place, but you know I would the next morning when Julia started to show signs of improvement I left Chris with Julia for a while and went back home and played with Julia or played with Luke for a bit ran him Around the basement and then drove back to the hospital And hung out with Julia had dinner with her and then drove back home to be with Luke and It’s just been it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. It’s so scary especially because they’ve been like drilling into us What crazy and terrible this like flu season has been so like? everyone is just like on pins and needles and Freaking out because you know it’s a really bad season and kids are dying And you have to be careful and blah blah blah, and I’m just like So yeah, it’s been um it’s been a time and Julia has been such a trooper She has not complained once other than like obviously being in tears with the IV in her arm But like she has been so brave and just letting the nurses and doctors do their thing and like Such an incredible team taking care of her. I’m so happy with everything in the hospital. They were so so great and Yeah, now she’s getting better well It’s positive again Feeling good and ready to get back into like My normalcy and of course as soon as I get home the first thing I want to do is just like get everything back to normal I it’s just chaos because obviously I was running home us grabbing extra clothes more pajamas for Julia’s getting fits and then get them things for loot and So the first thing I do is like I get everyone showered into bed I get laundry start going on like five or six loads of laundry or cleaning the kitchen I start disinfecting everything I just went into like insane Rachel mode And that’s what I do when I need to like decompress and get myself back to normal. I need to like clean I need to organize I need to feel like I have control over what’s going on around me now Let’s go in with the total temptation ones. I’m gonna take These two shades that idea, and I’m gonna use those on the outer corner a bit alright So now let’s get into some of the questions you guys have for me on Twitter So let’s talk about this one from Dana Can you talk more about either your relationship with Chris and his family or what it’s like to be a mother with? Anxiety I’ve talked about both. I have such a close relationship with my in-laws They are like they’re family to me so we always hang out I am bridesmaids in both two of my sisters-in-law are getting married So I’m bridesmaids in their weddings like they’re sisters to me, and it’s really nice having such a close relationship actually When Chris and I were engaged I actually lived in their basement for a while I know that a lot of people talk about having such like terrible Relationships with their in-laws and like it’s awful And they hate so-and-so or but like I’ve never had that and I’m so grateful sometimes like my sister And I will talk about that and they’ll be like imagine if we hated you I’m like I know right and then the other question is what it’s like to be a mother with anxiety um It’s very challenging it’s it’s challenging, and I’m very very fortunate that that chris is here, and he’s so supportive and involved in our family and so He’ll take over a lot of times if I have those moments, which aren’t too often Thank God like I have I’m on medication, so I’m fairly stable. I talked about this in my vlog on Rachel’s life I’m just talking a little bit about my journey through that and so sometimes when it’s just me and the kids And I’m just having a down moment. We’ll just sit on the couch, and we’ll watch Magic School Bus and we’ll just chill out well snuggle I’ll have that time like to mentally sort of pity myself for a little bit while they’re focused on something else I don’t feel guilty cuz they’re having a lot of fun. I’ll read stories. I’ll like work my way into Feeling more normal and a mix the peachy shade and this light sort of champagne shade there’s gonna apply that to the lid That’s pretty and like that Katie wants to know what is my favorite step in my makeup routine. I think my favorite step is highlight Yeah, no. It’s definitely highlight. I just feels so much more human. It just like brightens up My whole makeup look it makes me happy so I always support to that step now. Let’s try this highlighting eyeshadow squishy stuff oh It’s like jelly yeah. Well it blends out though mm-hmm. No. I think I like this very much No, no, no don’t like it put a little bit of the Champagne shade from the total temptation on top to try and hide some of this patchiness I’m just gonna take a little bit of the L’Oreal infallible Along where I pencil, and I’m just going to add this to the waterline this one I have used a lot like a lot a lot, and I’m obsessed with it It’s such a good pencil now moving on to the lashes. Let’s just curl these suckers and then Smurfette Smurf Which bigger youtubers? I trust this is the Benefit Cosmetics bad gal bang mascara you guys watched my favorites video This is my favorite right now Love me some dramatic lashes So in terms of bigger youtubers that I trust I would say up there would be Tati I have filmed with her I know her and James personally And I think she is a good person. I think she takes her role in telling the truth about makeup very seriously Do you guys have seen my? Testing beauty gurus favorite makeup products like I watch a lot of different youtubers, and I trusted a lot of them I just don’t like ones that like start drawing for the sake of it like to me that just sounds exhausting They say I can’t get over this mascara like look how gigantic my lashes look if you like a good dramatic mascara This is been my go-to recently. I’m just adding a little bit of the strike shade here along the lash line Just to make it a little bit more smoky and on to the next question Isabella asks What is your favorite thing to do to unwind before you go to bed um? I like to do so there’s a couple of things one is clean Oh by the way. I’m doing starting my brows now so the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m taking the precisely my breath and then my card was false So I was just talking to no one so let’s try that again With the other brow shall we so I all switch it up depending on my mood But one is the precisely my brow pencil by benefit. This is shade 3, or I will use Cobra, which is their brow gel They’re both really really good I like this one because it’s nice and thin very precise it’s good for when I’m more running out the door And I just want my brows to look in place and I have to brush on the other end It’s just really quick and easy and then kübra I really like because it creates these very natural looking brow like hair So it’s really nice for those more feathery brows, and I really like the brush on this like the brush is really good guys I’ve yet to find one that beats this so today I’m using two brow, and I’m just sort of filling in and I start with the middle of the brow And I brush up and sort of add a diagonal and then for my arch up here I’m usually missing a lot of hairs like right up here And then it like dips down so I want to straighten that out And I find the best way to do that for me is I actually brush the hairs down And I like doing this because then I can kind of see Where the shape of my brow should be and then once I brush the brow hairs over it just sort of Makes it a little bit more messy more feathery and pretty. I’m just going to brush in a little hair like strokes well Just take the little one and I’ll brush it back in place just to see if I am missing any place for example Right in here is a little bald spot. I’m just going in with the precisely my brow, and I’m just Evening them up as much as I possibly can Because again this one is thicker than this one I need to make them even then I’m gonna set them with the 24-hour brow setter This is by far my favorite brow. Gel of all time if you want your brows like cemented in place This is the best thing you will ever find it gives them a really nice defined Feathery look I’m obsessed with it especially for these unruly ones down here that just feel like this like glues them down We’re just going to brush this product in oh I never even answered the question the question again my favorite things to do to unwind before bed, so one is like I said before Cleaning I feel less clutter and chaos in my life And it just makes me feel so much better the other thing I do is write out to-do lists to-do lists. Just helped me to just See the bigger picture Oh by the way I’m using the high brow glow and this is just going to make the brows pop a little bit more clean them up a little Just sometimes everything feels so overwhelming and it’s all in my head so when I write it all down. I’m like oh That’s not that bad, and it just helps me to go to bed with peace of mind I don’t like don’t forget. This don’t forget that so don’t forget this also watch comedy shows on Netflix and stuff I am I really like Brooklyn nine-nine and Archer which I’m watching like old seasons up cuz they haven’t come out with their new stuff yet on Netflix I also watch a lot of friends if you guys don’t already know that I know every season by heart Every single one and I really don’t watch any other shows because I don’t like ones that are really suspenseful Really scary cannot watch scary shows and I especially don’t like any like really sad ones like everyone keeps talking about this is awesome They’re like. Oh my god Cariah some ocean. I love it. I’m like. What why do you want to feel emotions? That sounds awful now moving on to the face I’m gonna be using the Rose flash bomb which is one that I love and Jessica asked Would you ever include your kids in your videos? I want to do YouTube, but want to keep that part of my life private. Do you feel like it should be kept private? I think for everyone. It’s a little bit different for me and for Chris We felt like they’re too young to make that decision for themselves And I would rather err on the side of caution and allow them the privacy now And then they can decide later on if they want to be on YouTube like it’s much easier to keep things private and decide later Than to withdraw it once it’s been out there. You know next question is I really admire How you and Chris manage the household activities like I see Chris? Cooking and you doing laundry at the same time looking after two kids plus maintaining social life is not a joke You are correct is not a joke is there any advice that you can give to young moms as a parent and as a wife Um yeah, I I mean I’m still learning as I go and I struggle a lot with balancing that stuff and for me I’ve always been like very much in like fighting fires kind of mode by the way. I’m using the this the Physicians, Formula Healthy foundation again a favorite of mine love this foundation So I’m always in the mode of like what needs my attention right now. What is the most urgent and so for me? It’s become very important that I plan in advance so like I have my weeks Schedule of like when am I filming and when am I testing stuff and what am I doing emails and one of my? Editing and when am I taking the kids to X Y & Z like? I have all those things Because then I can have like a really clear picture of like what my day is looking like and honestly so much of it is just trying to be flexible and I’m not a Flexible person at all I’ve really had to learn to be more flexible. It’s so funny. There are so many questions I’m basically like how do I do? What I do with YouTube and having kids and and running a household and doing all these things And I don’t know if it just it’s just you do it because it’s there and it needs to get done and yeah Sometimes I get frustrated because I want to be able to do more on YouTube or spend more time with my kids, and it’s about Balancing and prioritizing and carving out time you have to work at it. It’s not something. That’s just gonna naturally Just fall into place like it requires a lot of work And I am testing out today at the Catrice liquid camouflage high coverage concealer I’ve heard so many good things about this concealer, so I’m excited to like finally test it out It is super full coverage, and I like how it feels so far next question from Colleen I know you mentioned in a recent video something along the lines of having another baby But is that something you’d like or really want like are you serious about how boning another, baby? And if so when you’re a great mom well, thank you Colleen I like that are you serious about this? Are you just being junky McJob Orson? Yes, I am 100% serious about wanting another baby I don’t know when I don’t know I don’t know what I’m you know worried because I feel already very stressed out having two kids and and doing all this but But I love babies. Oh my gosh babies are the best blush today I’ll be testing out the new blood blood or blood or glutton the butter LONDON Glaze and blush and this one is in the shade sparkle I’m not sure. That’s the one I’m going to choose, but we’re gonna test this one first oh That is that is definitely jelly whoa oh it moves a lot and that is frosty Hmm. I don’t know about that on my cheeks. Let’s try glimmer, which is more like a pinky shade and makeup. Junkie 87 says Should I buy the Physicians Formula foundation? I really like it so yeah, that’s up to you I feel like I get new ones that come out, and I’m always disappointed Usually helped by the fact that I purchased like three shades too dark on accident Don’t worry it happens to the best of us, so she wants to know how to properly shade match foundation when shopping online any secrets My suggestion would be to actually swatch in stores first and get a sense of like find one that is Actually your shade and it could be like in a Sephora store They’re really good at swatching and finding your shade and always match along your neck that is going to be giving you the best most accurate Shade that’s very reflective too with my little crane arm one more. Let’s try flicker. I look matches my shirt Let’s do that one in summary buying foundation online is tricky and sometimes it works and sometimes It doesn’t find a store that has a good return policy It’s not as glimmery on the skin as it was in the swatch which is good It’s a very very light. Flush like it’s not super over-the-top so far so good so far I like it Taryn wants to know what my first job was and what job did I had before YouTube so my first job Was a camp counselor I was a camp counselor for 3 to 5 year olds It was the best there are like little dolls, and they’re so like excitable at that age So it’s like really fun, and then the job that I had before YouTube I was in Marketing for a consumer packaged goods company, and I worked there For a number of years even while actually doing YouTube for a while Because you couldn’t couldn’t make money off of youtube then and I loved Marketing marketing was so much fun The only part that I didn’t love about it is having to Then having to answer to other people and believe it or not. It was not for makeup actually it was food I still really love marketing so that’s why I get a little bit too excited when I see new packaging and stuff for products I’m like oh why do they choose no kilee wants to know how do you go about cleaning and organizing a very messy space without? Loosing it and darling asking for a friend. You know same you guys have seen on Rachel’s life I just mentally just break down if things are too cluttered so what I do is I will break it up into Smaller pieces so I can’t clean the house all at once like I just can’t It won’t happen there are too many other things that are priority, so I will break it down and say okay. I’m gonna dedicate 20 minutes to organizing this part of the room or putting away stuff That’s at the bottom of the stairs just doing little things that just help me feel like I’m making some progress and the other thing Is finding out you know why it’s messy in the first place is because I don’t have you know Organizers in place to help keep it that way. I don’t have places for these products and things to go There’s why is it building up in that one particular spot is usually I’m like my first question usually It’s because I don’t have time to clean it. Let’s be honest for highlight today We actually have a whole bunch of new ones and these are all from wet-and-wild so Thought I’d just watch them and see which one. I like best there are two eliminated editions press highlights There is purple ashes and white Raven and then the other one is there loose powder highlight. This is in moon tiers Let’s start with that whoa Well I think that is going to be the clear winner white Raven here looks like it has more of like a bluey pink undertone Oh, that’s also really pretty and then purple ashes is gonna be way too dark for my skin tone very pretty Maybe it’s like an eye shadow we’re gonna go with the loose powder today and Bringing out the de Baca said how do you like making makeup videos versus vlog style videos? Honestly, they’re both fun. They’re old. Oh that is nice like that. I’m still learning how to vlog properly I feel like I’m always forgetting to Take my camera around with me versus where I’m like sitting down doing a makeup tutorial or something the prep the cameras right there I’m also still getting used to the whole like taking out a camera in public like that still weirds me out like holding a camera Like this and like walking around a mall. I honestly like doing both of them I like being able to combine The both though that that’s really fun being able to do a makeup tutorial and play around with makeup But also show the rest of my day has been really fun. I did one of those videos already Planning on doing more though. Oh loving that highlight mm-hmm that’s pretty Then for the lips I’m gonna play around with some of these Smashbox always on liquid lipstick some of their new shades. I have a bunch here just gonna swatch them on my hand and Gwen asks my question is Do you ever get overwhelmed with what your sent in PR and what is a brand that you haven’t tried? But you’d like to I really Appreciate when brands and agencies send me product to test out whether it’s a new product or something they think that I would really like I Appreciate that they understand that I’m going to be honest about a product whether I like it, or I don’t like it I am always going to tell you guys what I think and Most agencies and brands get that and they understand that they respect that there’s some that Don’t really understand that I had some agencies Send me some pretty nasty emails when I’m not very nice about the product and it’s like well You know just make better products a brand that I haven’t tried, but I would like to is the Sicily brand It’s more of a skincare line But I haven’t tried their stuff, and I can’t seem to find where it’ll ship to Canada Which is super annoying because I really want to try it so expensive though So my wallet is thankful this one right here. By the way is one of their metallic ones. It’s called rush fun It’s a little Streaky like slightly mama shorty pants wants to know what made you Ready to have two kids instead of one and what my favorite part is about being a mom Favorite part is that? That just connection that you have with your kids and them just wanting to snuggle you and love you And they just trust and adore you those eyes Oh my gosh being a mom is the best ooh that one’s nice very metallic, but really pretty what is that? I think it’s x OV, Lada I think and then what made you ready to have two kids instead of one I kind of wanted them to be spaced approximately Like two and a half years apart That’s how far apart my sister, and I are there was never like a time where I’m like Ya know now is the right time or now is it a right because there’s always gonna be things like Oh What about this coming up or this or that or whatever? There’s always gonna be something that feet makes it feel like it’s not the right time But it ended up being the best decision I love little Luke he’s such a sweet little boy And I cannot imagine my life without him and now I feel like we’re in a really good stage to where Luke and Julie can Like play together more now that he’s 2 and Julie is 4 and a half They can like communicate you know and it’s not just Luke going down and like bashing all of our toys I don’t she’s like what so this is x OV lana. I like how it looks on the lips it is Metallic but not like crazy it feels a little bit dark though. I want something a little bit pinkier on the lips so I think Are gonna try on top of it using this elf tinted lip oil? This is a nude kiss and I haven’t tried this before but I feel like the mix of like subtle metallic with a Glossy Sheen would be really pretty and then Steffi wants to know how do you and Chris make time for your? Relationship while being parents and being busy working, huh? That is a good question because we work from home, and we see each other all the time sometimes It’s hard to like disconnect from work mode and just be like a couple But honestly the only advice that I can give by the way I really like this combination of like lip color the metallic with a gloss on this is a really nice gloss it feels really nice on the lips, but yes best advice would be to just Sit back and look at your week. Where were you spending your time? What do you want to spend more time doing and less time doing and then work on that little by little each coming week? Don’t try and over commit yourself to too many changes all at once you’ll get discouraged or at least I do So doing those little shifts at a time and then making adjustments and the other things as things change and flow Makes a huge difference for me lastly setting spray are going to test out the Too Faced festival refresh Mystical effects setting spray, and it has some sort of like Opalescent pearls that give a sparkling illumination and also helpful refined pores improve skin texture I’m going to shake it up and we’ll spirits it on the face. It smells really nice. I will say the first thing I noticed was I was getting like little dots of the product around on my skin Then I had to like smooth out and they did smooth out But maybe I just held it too close to my skin and now it seems to be good and it looks fine I’m not noticing anything super glittery, and yeah, this is what we have come up with I really like it nice big fluffy lashes We got the brows in place got a nice highlight going on Feel good about this of the new products that I tested today I think my favorite was probably the Wet n Wild highlight really like this is really pretty And then the elf gloss I think this is such a pretty color, and it was so smooth But it’s not super sticky on the lips which I really like I hope you guys like this Thank you so much for sending in all of your Questions if you have any other requests for videos leave them in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out On new videos every Tuesday Thursday and Sunday, and that’s everything your hope you guys are having an amazing amazing weekend And we’ll see you guys all on Tuesday. Love you girls mwah

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  17. Thank you for being so open about your anxiety issues, it’s really helpful for those of us who also have them to hear that we aren’t alone. Sending your family happy vibes, hopefully your baby girl feels all better soon.

  18. Love you! You're such a cute person. I think you're doing such a great job at juggling being a mom, wife, you tuber, and YOU!

  19. I LOVE friends! I can quote it and I know every season by heart. Everyone thinks I’m weird because if it though 🙈

  20. I’m so glad your daughter is feeling better now! Just a quick question, what nail polish are you wearing? Is it Butler Please by Essie?

  21. So glad she is feeling better! As a nurse I can say I have seen probably 80% of patients that get the flu come back in with pneumonia. It changes so fast and goes into the lungs.

  22. Girl, I completely understand what it's like to be a mom and have anxiety/depression. My son's dad was abusive, and I left him when my son was 5 months old. I've had depression since I was in middle school, and now I feel like my son is the best reason that I've ever come up with to stay alive. You are so brave, and you being honest and candid about your mental health is part of why you're my favorite guru. ❤ stay strong Rach. Glad Julia is doing better.

  23. So glad Julia is on the mend. Way to pull through and do what needed to be done for her. I know as a mom with anxiety (although minor) myself, that it's not always easy to keep yourself in check but you HAVE to for the kids. Loved the makeup look you came up with too! I need to fond that new WNW stuff!!!

  24. although anxiety depression is not great, it was so refreshing hearing another mom share about their struggle because I deal with it too and I've felt alone my whole life because of it! I have 4 kids and motherhood is such an endeavor living with anxiety but yes getting a breather while they sit and watch something is life saving! And having a supportive husband makes all the difference, thankful for mine as well! and both of our husbands are named Chris, how funny is that?! Great to hear your kids are doing better, I know the fear of knowing your child is sick and all you can do is sit back and watch. Take care!

  25. My daughter passed away in December due to a medical/hospital related mistake, and losing a child is not a pain I would wish on anyone. I am SO THRILLED Julia is okay! You are an incredible mom for being so proactive. I'm also glad to hear that the hospital(s) were very on top of the situation as well. It can be a wild ride in there and I am so happy it all worked out xo

  26. So glad that Julia is getting better, and so appreciate your openness and honesty about your anxiety and depression. You have always been my favorite YouTube personality because you’re so “real” and personable. ❤️

  27. You said your husband works from home. I am curious what does he do? I love your "get ready with me" videos, this look turned out great! have you tried out the Butter London eye glazens?
    what do you think of them? Have you tried anything new that you feel is underrated? What products?

  28. So glad the fam is doing well now 👍 I don’t have kids yet but both my parents are elderly and we’ve had scary hospital trips before so I can understand that kind of stress 😖 On a different note, I’ve been unsure who to ask about this and you seem to be the most approachable YouTuber I follow but, how do you recieve PR? Or how do you go about getting PR packages, especially if you’re just starting out? I don’t do YouTube (yet still on the fence) but I do enjoy playing with and trying out Makeup on my Instagram and giving my two cents about products.

  29. As the mother of a Chronically/Fatally ill (Cystic Fibrosis (and multiple other life altering disorders/diseases)13 year old son… I have felt that heart and stomach drop more than anybody should EVER have to feel. I'm sorry you and your family had to go thru that but I am SO VERY VERY HAPPY to hear that your babies are doing okay now!!! My son has had Double Lung Pneumonia several times and I know how absolutely terrifying it is. I'm so thankful and so happy for you that she is okay! Love you girly! Your great mama♡♡♡you guys did great!!😚😍😁

  30. Glad she's ok!! A friend of mine his 4yr old son died unfortunately because of pneumonia. People are dying because the flu turns into pneumonia or it's pneumonia itself. Prayers for her continuous recovery! !🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  31. OMGGGGGG this is the girl I likkkeeeee! I couldn’t find her ass after I watched a video of hers a few weeks ago! Yay! She’s hilarious! But she’s just, normal and relatable and I just love her! Subscribingggg! P.S. glad ur daughter is okay! U a boss mom!

  32. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. We had a similar thing happen over Christmas two years ago. It’s so hard to see your little one suffer. I’m glad she’s feeling better and your family is doing well. Hugs!!

  33. Thank you so much for your honesty. I'm getting married later this year, and I've also been struggling with depression for the past few years. My partner is super supportive, but I know he wants to have a family, someday. I've always been anxious about the idea of motherhood, and even more when I started having issues with mental health. Your story helps me feel more at ease about working through problems with a partner.

  34. Your so amazing! I’m so glad everyone is feeling better! Thank you for all you give to us!!💕💜💕💜💕💕

  35. Glad to hear Julia is on the mend, I can only imagine how awful and stressful that would be to see your little one go through. You are a beautiful person Rach and a wonderful mum! Also, loved the look you did here, so gorgeous!

  36. I can completely relate with the anxiety. When I’m feeling anxious, cleaning helps a lot. It helps me feel more in control. Reading also helps sometimes too if I’m able to. So does stop light therapy. What else helps you?

  37. Well I just checked out your things you didn't know about me video. I love your video's and glad everything is good with your family.

  38. Rachel you are a great mom👌 I sometimes feel guilty for taking the medication for my mental condition, how do you handle this? I hope everything goes well for you and your lovely family 😘

  39. Aww, my mom used to get super freaked out when I was little 'cause I'd get so sick every year. hugs Happy everyone's getting better.
    I love BadGal Lash mascara…I need to try that new one. Also here from your 10 Things You DEFINITELY Didn't Know About Me + Organizing Makeup video.

  40. I feel you, girl. My little family had influenza this past week and we are still recovering from it. I, too, suffer from anxiety and depression and with all the deaths going on this flu season it has really affected me since my daughter is only 2 years old. Very scary! I did the same as you where I went OCD cleaning throughout our apartment. Thank you for being open about your anxiety and depression. I think it is important that people openly speak about it since it does affect so many people.

  41. Rachel! Came here from your 10 things you didn't know about me video. Where you're wearing the same sweater lol love you!

  42. "Why do you want to feel emotions?! That sounds awful!" I don't think I've heard a sentence come from your mouth that I relate to more than that xD

  43. I’m just now watching this but omg I’m in tears as you talk about Julia being sick. My dad passed away at the end of 2016 from bilateral pneumonia because the doctor didn’t catch it. I’m so happy yours did and she’s healthy!

  44. I'm so sorry you went through that with your daughter, glad she's OK now.
    Thanks for sharing sweetheart, I've suffered from depression for most of my life and sometimes it's good to know you're not alone 💜 much love from England xoxo

  45. If you love b99 and friends you should watch How I met your mother! It’s amazing! Super funny and very smart/well done. I’ve been told it’s like a modern day friends 💕💕💝💝 love you so much

  46. your husband is a really great man. so many men nowadays back up or break up with women if they find out they have struggles in their life. it's so cowardly & disgusting

  47. I am so happy that your children are doing great!!! I was so worried when you said she was in the hospital!! A great trick for the IV next time( hopefully there isn’t a next time!) is to tell them to look away. I had surgery yesterday and they had to do an IV. It was my first time and I was extremely scared, but I looked away and didn’t really feel it at all!! Just a tip love you so much!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  48. You are a strong beautiful momma and your daughter will take after that strength and perseverance❤️ I’m so glad that she’s on the turn around and your family is safe🎉🙏❤️ Family first, always 😊 we will be here when you’re ready to come back 👍

  49. I'm so glad you are ok and your family is ok. I had pneumonia at her age too. I had no idea about your struggle with depression and anxiety. Thank you for sharing that with all of us, your positive attitude radiates in your videos and helps with my own struggles with depression.

  50. Hey Rachel! Glad to hear that Julia is doing well (I know this was nearly a month or so ago but flu season hit my family hard so…) It sounds like you took her to Sick Kids here in Toronto. They are the absolute best people, doctors, nurses,etc…My first granddaughter spent her first two months of life there and we still have to go back every now and again for check-ins on how she's doing, It's a long story but she's doing great now. My daughter and I also suffer from anxiety and depression so we can sympathise with how you felt during her stay. Thankfully Spring is here again in the Great White North – sorta lol! By the way, have you checked out "The Handmaid's Tale" on HULU? It's amazing!

  51. I’m happy to hear your little one is getting better.
    Thank you so much for being honest about your battle with anxiety and how you work through that as a mommy.
    How many of us beat ourselves down for having to rely on tv to entertain our children while we are trying to get things done, or working through a moment of anxiousness! Thank you so so much for being honest about it!

  52. My brother had double pneumonia when he was 18 months old. He was so so sick. Ended up in the ICU. He stopped breathing twice and was pumped full of steroids. He still has side effects from it today in the form of bad asthma and he is 23. Glad Julia is OK

  53. Omg I'm so sorry ur daughter got so sick I'm glad she's doing good now! My nephew passed away at 7 years old because of an pneumonia and strep. Lucky she has a good mom who cares unlike my nephew…🙈

  54. You seem so down to earth and like you love your family so much! I'm kind of a new follower so I don't know if this has been explained, but I was wondering why you don't wear your engagement/wedding ring?

  55. So happy to hear your daughter is doing well now! I was almost in tears when you talked about your inlaws, my mother in law 'hates' me, specifically due to my anxiety/depression. She thinks my 'problems' bring her son (my boyfriend) down and I'm ruining his life, even though were both 25 and are fully capable of making our own decisions. Luckily his father is very supportive, but it regularly bring me to tears, thank god for your videos to cheer me up 🙂

  56. Thank you so much for speaking about your anxiety and depression in videos. I struggle with both as well and have always felt it is something I have to hide. It helps me to hear what you are going through and how you deal with it. You are very brave!

  57. Great video hope your doing well I'm in the hospital nurse says I need a Foley I'm nervous don't know what that is

  58. Omg! I feel like we would be best friends in real life you are so sweet and we are so similar in so many ways … mind you maybe we would just butt heads 😂😂 (I absolutely love my in laws too! And I’m so glad to hear Julia was okay even though I know this video is probably pretty old)

  59. I would really like to see impressions about the brand Ciate London as a whole. I bought their two latest eye pallets and really enjoy them, but I feel like nobody talks about them or the brand online.

  60. This might be my first comment on any of your videos, and I've been binging on your channel for at least a week. But I have to break the silence and admit that I adore your personality. Everything about you works! I laugh, I cry, I nominate your channel for best of 2019!! ❤ Thank you so much for your honesty.

  61. I have pretty thick brows but I'm missing a big chunk in the same place you are. I would never have thought to brush everything down in a million years! 😲

  62. “I do want another baby, I don’t know when…” 😂 if only you knew it’d be a few months away! 🖤 so cute to see and now knowing she’s having her new one soon!!

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