L’arrivée de Balangala, un bonobo orphelin, à Lola ya Bonobo

The arrival of Balangala, an orphan bonobo, to the rehabilitation center Lola ya Bonobo. 4 Nov 2017. Yes, he is in good health. He is thirsty, and a little bit stressed, but not much. Hi is observing everything through the window . This is Balangala, a little 3-year-old male. We just took him from the airport, he came with a cargo airplane. This bonobo was rescued
from a village called Balangala, which is 140 km from
our reintroduction site Ekolo ya Bonobo. Our team on the field took care of him
for a few days to get him better, and to get him ready for a trip to on boat to Mbandaka. And in Mbandaka, thanks to the Congolese Nature Conservation Institute, and the local authorities, we obtained all the necessary permissions for the transfer to the rehabilitation center Lola ya Bonobo. This is our newest bonobo. He started to get his spirits back. He is sucking but he is not eating. What did you eat there? What did they give you to eat? Can you tell me? But he is drinking! That is already a good sign. But what did they give you?
Maybe Chikwanga (cassava bread)? He is not that bad. Because he is vivid. Can I? Welcome! He is still very timid. And on the photo he looked
much bigger. He is not 4-year-old. Rather 3 years. This is your mum! Your new mum. Everything will be alright. This is mum. He is not very talkative, no? But yesterday he was talking a lot. But he will lose a little bit of hair.

13 thoughts on “L’arrivée de Balangala, un bonobo orphelin, à Lola ya Bonobo

  1. Bravo a vous , c'est très émouvant et heureusement qu'il existe encore des personnes comme vous . ❤❤❤

  2. Is this little fellow small for his age, or are all bonobos of 3 years this tiny? And if he is small for his age, what would be the age of an average bonobo of this size?

  3. I am in love with your channel and your whole new life you bring to all the orphans at the rescue/sanctuary.
    Only if I could work there… one can dream!
    Sending peace and love to all your way❣️

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