Lafayette’s 1st medical marijuana health clinic opens Oct. 1

good evening everyone laughs yets first medical marijuana clinic is set to have its grand opening next week all patients will be screened before getting the drug which will be sold in the forms of pill solutions and sprays threes on the street Danielle Garcia live of the clinic on Guilbeau row with details Danielle Jim Marcel soon people who are diagnosed with one of 14 approved conditions can come here to the total health clinic to be recommended or prescribed medical marijuana amid the opioid epidemic many doctors and officials say this is a safer alternative of treatment this is on the forefront of medical technology and innovation right now and having something like this available is really a positive thing for Lafayette total health clinic or THC will be Lafayette’s first clinic with physicians who can recommend the natural therapy with the opioid epidemic running rampant across Louisiana and the United States this serves as another alternative treatment it’s heartbreaking because you see people and they have tried all of these other alternative therapies and a lot of times it doesn’t help and so for dr. Rossiter to be able to recommend medical marijuana and these patients finally seek relief it restores hope and the patient’s some patients fail all the therapies they’re conventionally out there so this is a new therapy that nobody is offering at this point in time that potentially could get relief to patients that otherwise are doing billet ated patients who are diagnosed with one of these 14 conditions can go to the clinic to meet with doctors who will complete an assessment once they’ve received a recommendation from those doctors patients can then take it to the pharmacy where the drug will be given at the proper dosage we got a patient in the other day at the total health clinic and this patient is autistic and these patients say they suffer so much and he you know was kind of hurting himself and not his fault he couldn’t help it so it’s patients like that we’re really fortunate that the state of Louisiana has approved medical marijuana for now the clinic is already open and taking appointments but patients will have to wait until mid-november to actually get their doses when the Lafayette pharmacy opens now that pharmacy the apothecary shop is going to be open right next door and this pharmacy is only one of nine medical marijuana pharmacies in the state and the only one in Acadiana threes on the street live in Lafayette Daniel Garcia ktc TV 3 here’s Rob’s 24 hour forecast

6 thoughts on “Lafayette’s 1st medical marijuana health clinic opens Oct. 1

  1. I don't care if they legalize it or not I get marijuana anyway. Top shelf gorilla glue all day everyday in New Orleans. It don't even matter 2019

  2. I’m tired of waiting for Louisiana to get with the program. Other states are thriving with legalization of Cannabis. No matter what we will still smoke and medicate ourselves, might as well make it easier and profit off of it. Truth is they’re scared it’ll hurt alcohol sales, well in Colorado alcohol sales went up and so did tourism which New Orleans is losing on big time. I know several Hollywood ppl that come here to film and love NOLA yet only think wrong with it is it’s not legal here. Get with the program or we’ll be joining the many others that have already moved.

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