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Hi everybody, welcome to CloudMom. So your big day! You might think this is going to happen exactly
at forty weeks or maybe you have a scheduled C-section planned, but regardless it’s not
exactly clear when exactly your baby’s going to come. Four of my five babies were actually born
before thirty-seven weeks. So no matter when you think you’re actually
going to be delivering your baby, getting your stuff for the hospital all organized
well in advanced is the key to feeling calm and secure and relaxed in the last few weeks
of your pregnancy. So in this show we’re going to walk through
exactly what you need to get ready for the hospital. Pack a bag one month before your due date
or your scheduled delivery date and have everything ready to go. This will make you feel more relaxed. When it comes to things that you’re going
to be bring to the hospital with you it basically divides down into three separate sorts of
things: first things that the hospital is going to need from you, second things that
you’re going to need for yourself, and finally, things that you’re going to need for your
new baby. Okay, so make sure you have some valid form
of a picture ID like your driver’s license, not your gym membership. Bring your insurance card along with a birth
plan if you have one. And any hospital paperwork you might need. And you can put all these things in a place
that’s really easy to find such as an envelope in your handbag. Okay, so most hospitals, if you’re not having
a C-section, will want you to be there at least for a day and half to two days. And my personal advice is to stay for as long
as possible because when you’re in the hospital you’re going to get help with your baby so
stay there as long as your insurance will allow you to stay there. And when you start to think about what you
need to bring to the hospital consider what’s going to be going on with your body during
these first few days. The hospital will give you certain things
that you can use which are very helpful, but you also want to have the right things for
you. You’re going to be starting to nurse or you’re
milk is going to be coming in and you can get wet up there so you want to have extra
nursing bras and it’s good to have an extra pair of pajama and extra underwear because
if you’ve had a vaginal delivery you’re going to be bleeding. So you have to make sure you have back-ups
in those categories. So let’s go through what a really good list
might look like: You’ll going to need two pairs of pajamas (I would get button down
ones for ease and nursing), toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothpaste, shampoo, a hairbrush),
a blow-dryer if you use one, maybe even a little bit of makeup if you wear makeup include
lip gloss because there can be some historic photos taking place. I would bring some Maxi Pads, hospitals will
supply these but I like to bring my own, two to three extra pairs of underwear, which are
briefs and Maxi pad compatible if you know what I mean – that means no thongs ladies. Several nursing bras and nursing pads, some
light slippers to roam the hospital halls in and one change of maternity clothes for
going home in. You’ll be in these for at least a few more
weeks and you want to feel comfortable. Now I don’t know if you’re like me, I wear
contact lenses, but contact lenses are something you’re not even going to want to deal with
when you’re in labor. You’re also going to want to think about people
you’re going to want to get in touch with once you’ve had your baby. So in that regard, make sure you pack a pair
of eye glasses with you, if you wear contacts and a list of names and phone numbers of people
that you want to notify. You might even want to compile an email list
in advance so you can alert your friends really easily. And make sure that you leave all your valuables
at home because you won’t be able to wear these during labor and you’re not going to
have a secure place to leave them afterwards. Okay, so now what are you going to pack for
your new baby? You don’t need a lot of things for your new
baby. But what you do need, the things that you
do need, sorry, are totally essential. The most important thing is a rear facing
car seat for newborns. Hospitals will not let you leave the maternity
ward without a car seat. So this is most important. You’ll want to bring seasonally appropriate
front snap pajama for your baby to leave the hospital in and a side-snap t-shirt to wear
underneath. A few bibs, in case your baby spits up and
warm baby blanket to wrap around the baby when she’s in her car seat. This is good even in warm climates because
of air conditioning. So now for my number one thing that I always
try to bring home from the hospital and these are actually in a lot of my shows. I am a huge fan of the hospital burp cloth. I have these in two colors, they used to make
them even a softer way and they even had blue and green stripes. I love these for nursery the baby, I love
these for burping, I love them for swaddling the baby, and my kids even use them now as
security blankets. So definitely ask the nurse when you’re leaving
if she’ll let you take a few of these home. I would also see if she would let you take
a few side-snap pajamas because the hospital ones can be excellent and a nasal aspirator. So these are just the essential things you’re
going to need to bring with you when you go to the hospital and what you’re going to need
to take home with you. Good luck getting all this organized in anticipation
of your baby. And I hope that everything goes very smoothly
for you once you get to the hospital.

45 thoughts on “Labor Hospital Bag: Packing Guide for Mom and Baby | CloudMom

  1. Great list! I would also suggest a file folder or folder with pockets for any paperwork they might give you. This way you can keep all the paper work together and not loose or where it can be torn.

  2. What is a long sleeve one piece set? I hope you're not at the hospital yet! Sorry I didn't respond earlier!! xo M

  3. Thank you I have been worrying about what to pack especially for my baby. It has put my mind at peace.

  4. Ha! This a great topic. I overpacked for baby and WAY under packed for me. And I was in the hospital for almost a week! I'm glad the hospital I was in provided a ton. I would tell any pregnant lady to bring their OWN pads. The ones at the hospital were awful.

  5. You said to pack a nursing bra . . . I haven't bought one b/c I have no idea what size to buy as I'm sure it will change quite a bit during the first day or two after birth. Any suggestions?

  6. I would bring extra jammies for yourself then, and just a bit more. If it doesn't fit into the diaper bag, bring another bag, best that you are comfy and not worried about missing anything you need!

  7. i have a video on nursing bras, check it out — I would go for stretchy and comfy, and easy to wash, try getting fitted at a maternity store, it should fit snugly for support but you could leave room in the cups b/c your breasts will get bigger for sure when your milk comes in. xo M

  8. Do you think it's better to bring side snap t-shirts than onesies? And what kind of clothes I should NOT bring for the baby?

  9. Yes, side snap t-shirts at first, bring a nice pajama – no dresses, tights, fancy clothes, anything with lots of buttons, or anything that is hard to put on! You'll see that the moment you get her in that nice outfit, you might need to change her already! xo M

  10. Thank you for this video. I watched a few but some people seem to be packing for a long trip and made me feel anxious. Your list is straight forward and seems to make more sense. I'll be giving birth in Alberta, Canada and in a new hospital so I have no idea what will or won't be provided but at least this video helps a lot.

  11. Oh my God, thank you for this video. Not kidding! Any other video I would watch about packing a hospital bag would be ridiculously over packed. This is much more realistic and easy to understand. Deeply appreciate the video! Thank you!

  12. Great video! I gave up on looking at others when I realized nearly all of them was an excuse for the new moms to go out and just buy all new things. Even go as far as to buy a whole new bag and clothes! This is the first practical video I've come across

  13. My sister in law passed on her breast pump for me to use. Should I bring it to the hospital so they can teach me how to use it? also I am thinking of getting a doula, should I just have the doula teach me when I get home?

  14. Omg I had to leave the hospital. Not only was they baby keeping me up, the hospital staff was so annoying. They were doing their job, but I hated it. I left about 30 hrs after birth. I couldn't take the constant in and out.

  15. These are really great tips! Thank you for sharing, I'm due in April and have 1 kid already but it's been a while, so all of you're video's have been a HUGE refresher for me. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I also recommend Tucks!! My cousin just had a baby this Sunday and my mom and I were visiting and my mom gave my cousin some Tucks.. She said they help with postpartum.. (I know I'm not a mom, but this is just what my mom told me 🙂 )

  17. Sorry but can you make a updated what to pack for the hospital because it didn't have that much things in this video can you please comment back to me please thank you

  18. You don't need that amount of stuff you will be home four – six hours after the birth if normal

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