Labor & Delivery Tour – Wesley Medical Center

(guitar music) – Welcome to Wesley Medical Center. We’re so glad you chose to
deliver your baby with us. In this video you will tour
Wesley’s Birth Care Suites and Main Campus Women’s Hospital. When delivering at the Birth Care Suites, please park in the lot on
the north side of Murdock and Hillside. After entering the main
doors, you will check-in with the front desk, where a nurse will be notified to
escort you to your room. You are welcome to invite anyone you wish to join you for your delivery. Our suites offer a place
for patients to stay from labor and delivery, through recovery. If you are scheduled to deliver at Wesley’s Women’s Hospital,
the process is different. Parking is available in the parking garage connected directly to
Wesley’s Main Campus. On the corner of Hillside and Murdock. There are reserved
spaces on the Green Level in front of the entrance
for women in labor. As you enter through
the parking garage doors take the first left and follow the hallway past the Information Desk to enter into the Building Three elevators. Then, proceed to the second floor and check-in at the Nurse’s Station. In order to check-in, you
will need you insurance card and photo ID. After checking in, you
may wait in our lobby until a nurse arrives to escort
you to Labor and Delivery. We ask that there be a limit four visitors during your stay in Labor and Delivery. Upon recovery a nurse will escort you to the newly renovated postpartum floor. Where you have no limit on visitors and will remain for the rest of your stay. While on the postpartum floor, a nurse will cover
educational materials with you on the newly installed Lincor system. You will also have access
to Lactation Specialists, both here at the Women’s Hospital and at the Birth Care Suites. They are available during
your stay at the hospital and post-delivery. After the birth, you can continue to visit the Breast Feeding Clinic,
which offers assistance. Upon dismissal from the hospital, a nurse will help you exit
out the doors on Hillside. Thank you for choosing
Wesley Medical Center.

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