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Hi, I’m Lisa Smith. I’m the manager of
labor and delivery at OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center. And I’m Kristie
Haage. I’m the manager of mom, baby and the level 2 nursery at OSF Saint Francis
Medical Center. Lisa: We’re here today to give you a tour of the family birthing center, so you might see where you may choose to have your baby when you arrive to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. If you are scheduled for an
induction or a c-section you would park in visitor parking and come up to the
labor and delivery triage desk. If you are going into labor on your
own and you speak with your physician who says, “come on into the hospital,” we
want you to come in through the emergency department and they will bring
you up to us in a wheelchair. They will wait for your care partner to park the
car and then we’ll bring you all up together. When you arrive we will put you
into one of our six triage rooms and this is where the physician team
and the nursing team will collaborate, we will evaluate what is happening with you,
we will collaborate with your OB physician to determine whether you are
ready to be admitted to labor and delivery. Once you’re admitted to labor and delivery we would bring you to one ofour nine private labor and delivery suites. In these suites we have epidural equipment, monitoring equipment and all of the things we need to safely get you
through your labor and the delivery of your baby. On the labor and delivery unit
we also have two OR suites and a recovery room, along with a neonatal
intensive care stabilization room for stabilization of high-risk deliveries.
After you deliver, you will recover and remain in your labor and delivery room
for one to two hours for what we call that golden hour. In that time that we want you to spend bonding with your baby and being skin-to-skin. Kristie: Once the golden hour has been completed, the staff will help transfer you over to one of our 37
private postpartum rooms. We have a 24-hour nursery. We do encourage you to
keep baby with you as much or as often as you would like, but for those times
when there’s not another person in the room or you feel the need, baby is very
welcome in the nursery. We staff the nursery 24/7 with a nursery nurse. In our
nursery, right here in the family birthing center, we also have four of what
we call our level two beds. So those are beds for babies who need a little help
transitioning, a little oxygen, maybe an IV fluid, something of that nature – a
little closer monitoring. While you’re on postpartum, we do supply all of the
supplies that you would need for care of baby during your stay.
We do recommend however that you bring an outfit for baby to go home in and if
you are interested we do offer photo services on the unit and so we would ask
that you bring whatever outfit you would like baby to be in for those newborn
photos with you to the hospital. While you’re there on postpartum there are a
couple of services that will see you. Our lactation consultants are one.
They’ll be there to offer help and support with any breastfeeding, latching
support, any of that needs while you’re here on postpartum and then we also have our birth certificate clerks that will come and see you and fill out all of the
birth certificate information prior to your discharge home. You will be on your
postpartum unit for 24 to 48 hours, depending on, or a little longer,
depending on what type of delivery you have. Should you need your visitors to
step out of the room we do offer a family waiting room that is comfortable
and relaxing for your visitors. Lisa: After you’re discharged if you need further breastfeeding support, we offer lactation services through our OSF Breastfeeding Resource Center and at the resource center you would have an
individualized consult with a lactation consultant and you would have a weighed
feed, where baby is weighed on very sensitive equipment. You would
then nurse baby and then the consultant would weigh baby immediately after which gives them an idea of how much milk the baby is taking and they can make a plan
for you based on that information and they’re there to troubleshoot or maybe
just reassure you that everything is going really well. If you’re planning a known complicated delivery or if surprises arise during
your labor process and we are concerned, we are adjacent to
OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois with a level 3 neonatal
intensive care unit. Staff from that NICU attends all high-risk deliveries or at
any time that the labor and delivery staff believe that neonatal specialty is
is needed for the delivery. Kristie: Thank you for taking the tour with us. We’re excited to help you in the delivery of your newborn. If you would like any further
information or you have interest in an in-person tour please contact the number on the bottom of the screen. We would be happy to help you.

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