Kyle Bersted, PhD – Rush University Medical Center

I’m a pediatric psychologist here at Rush
who sees toddlers, children, adolescents — and their families — both for psychological
intervention or treatment, as well as comprehensive psychological evaluations. Oftentimes kids and teenagers come to me and
they’re getting a lot of negative feedback from their parents, from their teachers, from
their coaches. And so I want to make sure that they know
that is not what I’m going to do, as well. And so I want to empower them in that way,
allowing them to dictate what are their goals — so what are they looking to get out of
this, what do they think they need to improve on. At the same time, it’s also really important
to be family centered. It’s really difficult to make any positive
change over time without the involvement of the parents or caregivers. They understand how their family actually
functions outside of Rush. They know which of my strategies or techniques
or insights are actually feasible for them. And so I think it’s important to present
to them that treatment is a collaborative approach, and I can meet them where they are.

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