Kyia’s Story – Inpatient Rehabilitation – Parham Doctors’ Hospital

Hi my name is Nikyia, a lot of people
call me Kyia. I got shot don’t remember when. Where I’m at? I couldn’t talk, leg not
moving, I shocked. We got the referral from UVA LTAC to come and evaluate her. She is a 19 year old young lady who was shot twice in the head.
She wasn’t doing anything, she still had a trach color, she had a peg, she wasn’t
responding, she wasn’t verbal she wasn’t following commands, anything. I can’t walk, and the pain, unbelievable. I was crying. We took a chance and
evaluated her and decided to take her and she has made significant gains. Whe
is talking, she is eating, she’s walking she’s amazing. She’s done so much,
we’re so proud of her. Thanks to Sarah it got me walking text helped me a lot.
Morgan, Jimmy, Jesse, Bolivia, helped me out a lot.
Kristen helped me talk complete sentences. Oh my gosh one arm is the worst. Not moving we’re still working on this arm. Just having her life back, she had so
much ahead of her she had a full scholarship She wasn’t able to go to college,
they’re holding the scholarship for her so she has a chance to
live her life again and be active and independent.
I want to go to Virginia State, full ride. I like school, period. Math my favorite
subject. I wanna write a book I’ve been through a lot. Now when you see her in
the hall, she will talk to you she has a sense of humor and it’s just amazing to
see what she can do. No Hemi Walker I want to walk by myself.
No sling, I want to move my hand by myself. I want to remember remember complete sentences. Fight, keep fighting. Look, don’t give up.

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