Kybella Before and After at Happy Clinic Denver

what are you looking at so if you were a child of the 80s you
definitely remember Madonna’s vogue video and what I really love about this
video is that it’s all about jawline and every angle every lighting accentuates
that beautiful sharp v-shaped jawline that is a trademark of Madonna’s vogue
so here is my before and after picture of kybella we did kybella about a month
and a half ago and this is my before picture I’m 44 years old and many people
start to get a little bit of this double chin fat and it can be due to genetics
it can be due to age and it can also be due to some weight gain as well and I
was noticing that my neck was feeling kind of full and I wanted to reduce that
kybella came out about a year ago and I’ve had amazing success with the
product I would say that over 90% of the patients that have tried kybella swear
by it and love the results but for the most part if you have a chin or double
chin like mine where it’s just a little bit of this pooch then one treatment
with two vials will easily do it for you this a picture was taken about seven
weeks later and as you can see and the results it really sharpened my profile
and sharpened that jawline to give me that almost 90 degree angle in my double
chin thanks for watching me today at happy
Clinic Denver this is dr. Phil Nguyen, hope you have a great day! Bye!

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