KX RD P1 Winner – BioSurfaces, LLC | Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

My name is Yael Vin. I’m a surgeon at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical
Center in Boston. I deal with the problems related to dialysis
access on a daily basis. I follow these patients long term and I see
them struggling through this, them and their families. And there’s clearly a need to improve what
we’re doing right now. It always comes back to the patient. I’ve been in this field for a while and I
think if it wasn’t about the patient, I would’ve been out of it a long time ago. My name is Matthew Phaneuf, and I am the President
and Chief Technology Officer at BioSurfaces. Right now patients that require a hemodialysis
graft in order to get hemodialysis, by one year, the majorities of these grafts will
either fail or they will require some intervention to keep them functional. And we’re hoping that our device will reduce
these complications and reduce the burden that falls on these patients and their families. Really, a differentiator for us is that we’re
trying to use the patient to actually heal itself. And I think that’s the biggest differentiator
between us and the former grafts that have been out there. And that’s what we’re excited about. I think KidneyX is unique in the way they
got patients involved in this process and in choosing these projects in order to align
what the patients want with the technology that could hopefully make it a reality. For more information about the prize-winning
solutions and future KidneyX inititaives, please visit www.kidneyx.org and follow KidneyX
on Twitter @Kidney_X. Produced by the U.S. Department of Health
and Human Services at taxpayer expense.

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