KuttaJi 🐶 Went to Hospital!

Do you guys remember that video I did on Mr. Dog Well, I’ve got an update for you guys This is one of our friends from the Mr. Dog video But The one you guys do want an update on, he’s laying over here Good morning! How are you, Mr. Dog? Wow, you’ re looking so beautiful Look at those eyes. Wow The gym Mr. Dog lives outside They actually took him to the hospital and got him checked And the hospital said there’s nothing they can do about his hip It’s not repairable So. It is what it is And I’ve seen him walking around today and he can still walk fine. He’s not hobbling along that much. He can put a bit of weight on it. He just can run with that leg. You know, I didn’t expect a dog to be taken to a hospital, but It doesn’t surprise me because people here actually take care of these animals So, Mr. Dog is all fine. He’s doing as good as he can do here and The gym staff are looking after him. And they are looking after a bunch of his friends as well I’m gonna put the link to the ‘I Did Something Bad’ video in the description. So you can check out and … yeah Thanks for watching and thanks for caring about Mr. Dog Such a good boy, this one. Go to sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Who’s this? Hey. One more friend Oye. This one’s so happy as well Come. Please come. No? Wow. Beautiful face Is he your friend there? Your friend is sleeping, isn’t he? Your turn now. Damn flies, right. I know how you feel. That’s like me and mosquitoes man.

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