Krista Evans, MD, General Surgeon – Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

– I’m Dr. Krista Evans. I’m a General Surgeon with a specialty in colon and rectal surgery. I think for female patients,
and patients overall, colon and rectal disease
is rather a taboo subject, and as another female surgeon, it may be easier for them to discuss what problems they’re having and come up with a solution
that works for them. Along with this, I do a lot of
minimally invasive techniques laparoscopic and robotic surgery which isn’t offered elsewhere. Something that drew me to surgery is that a lot of what we
do really cures disease. Patients come in with a disease process. We take them to surgery
and they can come back several weeks, several months later and their life has completely changed. They can now leave the
house without worrying about having an accident and
that’s just so rewarding. Maybe with a cancer, you’ve
been able to cure them from cancer and their family comes back and just says how thankful they are for what you’re able to do for them. And you’re gonna see them for years after and see how they recover on their course.

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