100 thoughts on “Kowloon Walled City BBC Documentary 1980 (Subtitles)

  1. It's interesting how this winds up being less a documentary of Kowloon Walled City and its inhabitants and more a documentary about the lingering effects and mentality of colonial imperialism, even as (relatively) recently as 1980. So, uh, it's interesting and worth watching (in pieces) but not for the reasons I'd gone looking for documentaries about Kowloon Walled City.

  2. Even though interviewer might be a cringeworthy satanic creep, he's spot on with his technique and line of questioning beginning at 18:00. The lady has been living there dealing with and trying to serve the people for 20 something years. It's amazing that she still doesn't understand the nature of those born into an average life in 3rd world conditions. Nevertheless if one person in that entire six acre plot ever ended up getting saved because of her influence, then the value of all the time she spent there is infinite.

  3. That's what wrong with proselytization. The lady says with a chuckle that she is in the walled city to make people know about JESUS but not to save drug addicts.
    But these guys i.e proselytizers always hide behind saving and serving the drug addicts, poor peoples , ills and afflicted facade while they carry on with their nefarious design of converting and subverting the victims.

  4. Shame on the host for insulting a woman’s calling to help others. Shame on the BBC for employing this man. Shame on the producers and editors for allowing this smear piece to make it to the airwaves. I think could have all made a distinction about what Kowloon City for what is was through unbiased journalism. Just really a terrible documentary. Maybe he despised having to be there and was months shy of retirement.

  5. Wow this was hard to watch the way this man talks about the place and people it's just kind of disgusting. He only talks to white foreigners about the place and weird spin with religion.

  6. Fuck this hopefully cancer ridden deceased host.. This place is so interesting and leave it to this dick to turn people away after 4 minutes…

  7. I wish I would have known this was almost entirely Jesus propaganda instead of a documentary about the subject I was actually looking to learn about maybe the title should be changed

  8. This is the most unflattering, most interesting glimpses into Kowloon I have ever seen. Amazing! And gross! And stuffy…

  9. I would have done and given alot to enter this city and explore it as a white foreigner . This miserable old cunt hated every minute …

  10. If there was one Chinese resident interviewed for this doc, it must've been after I stopped watching this POS. The old school neo-colonialist racism and sexism overrides any possibility of the film being informative. A waste of time.

  11. I'm really put off by the snobby host, who kept using terms like "dreadful" and "awful" to describe the KWC. Most residents there were good, law abiding people.

    Imperialist jackass. No wonder there's a global resentment toward the West. 🙁

  12. The presenter was objective and honest, too many triggered people thinking poverty is their culture, so by acknowledging it a squalid hellhole that it is must be racist, idiots

  13. the first 5 minutes are the only parts worth watching. the rest of the video is this old man creeping on young ladies.

  14. Geez just seeing how rude he is the way he talks to the lady about being religious it's just sick the way he talks about the people and contradicts through the whole video

  15. Typical church moving in, rather than just come in to help people, they have to come in to convert people to the lies of Jesus. What bullshit.

  16. WOW. heard about this city and wanted to take a virtual dive in. Not sit through a wanker being disrespectful, prejudice, and just flat out Rude when referring to the city and it's inhabitants.

  17. %80 of interviewing members of a british church group for drug addicts within the city. Waste of time.

  18. What a racist documentary. Wonder whether the Chinese will make a documentary about the stupid Britains leaving the EU.

  19. i hate this snobby british bs. KWC was a very unique and interesting place that had a thriving sense of community. yes there was crime and the living conditions were often subpar but it was also a place of refuge for people with little income, often refugees from mainland china escaping the tumultuous government and economy… there were many hard working chefs, doctors, business owners, etc and a lot of families. many people who lived there have fond memories of it. destroy imperialist narratives.

  20. "I wanted something real (Jesus) to offer them" Except religious events are defined as an intangible service.

  21. I agree with most comments about the man and the subject matter, but I honestly would like to know what happened to that woman in 1997.

  22. 6:38 "As soon as they leave if it wasn't for Jesus they'd be back on drugs" What about that poor bloke at 6:17 he didn't stop taking the drugs?
    EDIT: That's not him praying btw, he's nodding out on heroin, tis true that in that moment in church he is truly in heaven/paradise.

  23. Luckily the mentality of the British in this video has mostly died out. Problem is the American mentality is almost the same. Endless problems for us in Africa, coming into the culture here and messing things up. White saviour complex.

  24. 10:51 that poor women. just imagine growing up in the north and then you have to eat macaroni and sauce for breakfast! I'd be alright as I don't eat in the morning!

  25. The narrator is pissed that Hong Kong is no longer under British control lol fucking racist piece of shit.

    EDIT: Also, this old dude is a fucking creeper, holy shit.

  26. Why won't this guy quit admonishing these women for being single and calling them nuns? They have found a purpose in their life besides a man and are too dedicated to even worry about that. What a creep.

  27. To everyone who is angry at the British man's arrogance, it was probably by design. The idea, by this time, was to justify tearing it down. The best way to do that is to convince people the place is disgusting, crime-infested and better destroyed. Step one is to generate media content that sets the tone. They are likely doing that here and they also did it with places like the Heygate Estate in London, now destroyed and replaced.

  28. This has to be one of the worst documentaries I've ever watched and sadly about a topic I'm really interested in. The presentation was atrocious, did he really have to be this patronising? He made no effort in hiding the fact that he viewed himself as superior to the poor people of the walled city and his interactions with the British girls were borderline creepy.
    Furthermore, the documentary made absolutely no effort to show the life from the perspective of the people who lived there. Absolutely hated that two third of the entire documentary was about the drug addict salvation thing, which in itself, was a pretty important aspect of the Walled city, but nonetheless didn't really deserve to be blatantly the center focus of the whole documentary. Finally there were little to no actual, awe inspiring, captivating footage of the walled city that you'd expect to see in documentaries like these.

  29. This guy is a douche. He constantly calls this place horrible. I don't care how bad you think it is, I just want to see information about it

  30. Jesus.. the girl at the 7 minute mark can not be 23.
    I'm 25 and she looks my mom's age. Also the narrator makes me feel uncomfortable..

  31. Jerk Interviewer aside (that is disgustingly obsessed about young women being married) – I've met Jackie Pullinger and that woman is the bomb! And as of today her program is still running, and run the exact same way and still helping people get off of heroine.

  32. I got to like 9 minutes in and was like hold on, I need to make sure I'm not crazy… Everyone else thinks this old reporter dude is a massive MASSIVE piece of shit, in like EVERY sense of the word, right? Then I saw the first…well, ALL of the comments really. I feel better. Could this dude have come off any more condescendingly? And that's to completely ignore how creepy he was around the Christian girls. I cringed so hard so much.

  33. And the colonial British Empire (seen by most as the oppressor) Didn't/still don't give a damn about its shitholes it occupied. Only the royalists and monarchy benefit.

  34. they did a 20 minute interview on the most fascinating piece of architecture in living memory, the most densely populated place that ever existed, and they spend 15 minutes of it talking to English ladies about Jesus.

  35. this is some racist shit. uppity old white english guy talks down to the unfortunate, and christianity saves them from drugs. What fucking 19th century white hood crap is this

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