Korea Top 10 – S1E2_09 Mihyung Oriental Medical Clinic 미형한의원

Everyone wants to look younger. But if the surgery is costly and the potential side effects cannot be overlooked… What choice are you left with? There is a place that specializes in anti-aging
treatments. The treatments are based on Korean traditional
medicine. Acupuncture can help get rid of wrinkles and
even tone your face to make you look younger. There are no known side effects, and most importantly, it’s much cheaper than
cosmetic surgery. A bigger surprise follows. Acupuncture can even boost up
the bust. To everyone’s surprise, the procedure begins
from the back. This process can help boost your size by a
cup. There’s another popular treatment here. The needles stimulate the skin dermis to get
rid of wrinkles and correct various facial muscles.

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