Kole Seiler | Family Medicine

Hi my name is Cole Seiler. I’m a physician
assistant at North Memorial Health. Family medicine is really where my heart
is I guess and it’s, it’s an area that I’m able to sit down and relate with my
patients, I’m able to see them on a frequent basis at times but at other
times we just see them for their annual physicals and I think it’s great to see
them grow watch them and growing with the family seeing their kids as
well and the grandparents, I think it’s just kind of a remarkable place and I
don’t know that there’s really any other specialty that can compare to that. I
think in order to maintain and develop a relationship with your patient you have
to be the individual that you truly are. We have to find out their interests,
their likes their dislikes. Each patient that we treat’s different. Medicine isn’t
necessarily just A and B we, everyone has to have an individualized plan of care
that we provide. At the end of the day I think a large portion of any medical
provider’s job is to be an educator. I don’t necessarily want to make all the
decisions for a patient I really I really don’t want to do that I want the
patient to be able to make their own decision so I think if we’re able to
provide them with options, some options are better than others, sometimes we have to make a decision but at the end of the day I think the customized care that
we’re able to provide, that personalized care is something that’s going to allow
patients to continue to come back and see us.

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