Know Your HSS Nurse: Richard J. Slote

>>My name is Richard Slote. I’m a Clinical Nurse II on the
Inpatient Surgical Pediatric Unit here at Hospital for Special Surgery. I’ve been here for a little more than 22
years, and I still really enjoy working with the kids and their caregivers. One of the concepts that helps me to
guide my nursing care is that of dealing with a patient unit, and the patient unit, to
me, consists of a patient, caregivers, parents, relatives, and anybody else
visiting the patient, and I try to incorporate
them into the care of plan. An empathic approach to the
patient helps them to understand that you know what they’re going through. There are a few things that make us
distinct from other hospital units. We use developmental milestones in
pediatrics, and these are benchmarks that children reach during specific age ranges,
and this helps us to hone in on our assessments. All of the medications are based on weight. So, we’re doing calculations constantly,
to make sure that the medication doses that were written are both therapeutic and safe. We use different pain scales. So, for the older patients,
we use the zero to 10 scale. For younger patients who don’t understand that, we use the Wong-Baker Faces Scale,
which is a continuum of emojis. And lastly, we use what’s a FLACC scale, for
children who are not able to communicate at all. A number of our kids who have
congenital disorders will come back for follow-up surgeries. They know us, we know them, and that
familiarity is really important. They’re almost like family to us. A lot of our kids have post-op visits, and they
will often come to the unit just to say hello. And it’s extremely gratifying
to see how well they’re doing. We’re very proud of our kids.

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