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– Colon cancer is actually pretty common. It is the third most common
cancer diagnosed in the US, and it the second leading cause of cancer death among men and women if you count all cancer deaths combined. An average person has a risk of one in 20 will get a colon cancer in their lifetime. The good news about colon cancer is it is one of the few cancers
that can be prevented, and we have good means
to either prevent it or detect it at an early stage. So there are various methods
to prevent colon cancer. The most successful method
is getting a colonoscopy and the other methods are
to get a CT colonography, stool testing, and the
second is a kind of a extra we call is a barium enema. So the recommendations
come from the US Task Force that everyone, men and women,
who’s above the age of 50 should get a screening colonoscopy. Now, this is for average persons, anybody who has a family
history of colon cancer should get an earlier
colonoscopy depending upon who in the family and what
age that person was diagnosed. The third subset of people is people who have certain diseases, like ulcerative colitis or crohn’s disease should get an earlier colonoscopy. And the fourth group is any symptoms which can suggest colon cancer, such as bleeding, blood in the stools, or sudden change in bowel habits should merit a colonoscopy. The recent studies show
a 10 to 11 percent rise in colon cancer among young people, and the national society has recommended younger people having any
symptoms of blood in the stools should not ignore it and seek
help and get a colonoscopy.

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