[Knee pain] Testimonial by Dharmisth for Dr. Pravin Patel Innovative Hospital

Doctor: What is your name? Patient: I am Dharmisth and I am From Dabhoi (Vadodara) Patient: I had trouble for the last three months Doctor: What was your problem? Patient: I had a problem in walking, getting up, sitting Doctor: Where did you feel pain? Patient: I had pain in both my knees Doctor: How long have you had pain? Patient: Had pain for the last three, four months Doctor: You couldn’t walk? Patient: I had a problem in walking, getting up, sitting Doctor: Means that you could not stand up without support, right? Patient: Yes right Patient: Could stand up from the chair and bed, but could not stand up after sitting on the ground Doctor: Did you have unbearable pain? Patient: yes, too much Doctor: How did you know about our hospital? Doctor: Did you take any other doctor’s treatments? Patient: Yes, I had, but as long as I used to take medicines, I got relief Patient: Again the pain started Doctor: This means you did not get any results? Patient: Yes, right Doctor: How did you know about our hospital? Patient: We saw your ad in the newspaper Patient: I’m good after your treatment Doctor: When you came the first time, you on a wheelchair, right? Patient: Yes Doctor: Have you arrived today after your first treatment? Patient: No, this is my third time Doctor: How did you come the second time? on wheelchair? Patient: No, I could walk Doctor: Means you got a result from the first treatment Patient: Yes Patient: At that time, I was given two vitamin D injections along with medicine & I got relief from that Patient: This is my third time Doctor: The first time you came to a wheelchair, The second time you can walk Doctor: How do you feel today? Patient: very good You didn’t have any side effects, right? Patient: no, no everything is fine Doctor: Have you had any problems? After this treatment? Patient: no Doctor: Are you happy? Patient: Yes

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