[Knee Pain, CRP, Swelling] Testimonial by Shakuntala for Dr. Pravin Patel Innovative Hospital

Doctor: What is your name? Patient: Shakuntala Shukla Doctor: Where are you from? Patient: Vadodara Doctor: What was your illness? Patient: There was a lot of swelling Doctor: Ok anything else? Doctor: Was there a problem with your knees too? Patient: Yes Doctor: Earlier you could not even walk Patient: Yes Doctor: How did you know about our hospital? Patient: Had read about the hospital in the newspaper Doctor: What treatment did you get here? Patient: Knee treatment, oxygen-ozone treatment Doctor: and cell therapy, right? Patient: Yes Doctor: and vitamin c treatment? Patient: Yes Doctor: Your CRP (C-reactive protein) was too much Patient: Yes Doctor: So how are you feeling now? Patient: Feel better than before Doctor: Any Problem in walking? Patient: better than before Doctor: Would you like to say something to our other patients? Patient: Hospital’s treatment is good

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