KLKN-TV: SpineJack Treatment at Bryan Medical Center Eliminates Severe Back Pain

In health news now– this
is kind of important– it’s a painful condition
that over a million Americans a year can experience. It centers around the
vertebrae in your back. But there’s a new
treatment available. Channel 8 Eyewitness News
reporter Alden German, spoke with a patient
today and has more– Alden. Megan and Rod, this is the
most advanced procedure to treat compression
fractures in the spine. And one man can definitely
attest to its success. It got so bad that I
couldn’t stand doing anything but just lay down on a bed. For around a month,
76-year-old, Duane Cassem, experienced some of the
worst pain in his life. Just before Christmas, he
suffered a compression fracture in one of his vertebrae,
rendering him almost immobile. I would literally cry,
because it was so severe. And it almost dropped
me to the floor, because of the severity of it. And I just couldn’t
tolerate it anymore. Soon after the calendar
turned to 2019, he visited Bryan West,
where they recommended a newly FDA approved
procedure to cure his pain, the spine jack. Similar to a car
jack, spine jack is a tiny device, inserted
directly into the vertebrae. Then, it’s expanded to restore
it close to its original size, before being kept in
place by bone cement. This is it. These are his films, yep. Up until late last
year, patients who wanted this procedure
had to travel to Europe, where doctors have been
performing it for the past 10 years. He’s the only one in the state
who’s qualified and has already performed three procedures. So how does it work? We make two small
nicks in the skin. We use real time x-ray
guidance to guide needles into the anterior 2/3 of
the fractured portion. Once those needles are
in the fractured portion, we are able to put
the jack that’s closed into that
portion, this fracture. And then we essentially
jack up the vertebral body. And we’re trying to
preserve normal anatomy. The outpatient procedure
only takes about 30 minutes. And the recovery
period is short. For Duane, life went
from agonizing to nearly good as new. I really feel that it’s the
greatest thing that they’ve ever done to me. And the pain is gone. And everything is normal. And I can’t thank them enough
for what they’ve done for me.

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