Kimberly Sikule, MD, Family Medicine Physician – Milton, VT, The UVM Medical Center

Hi, my name is Kimberly Sikule and I am
a family medicine physician. My physician-patient relationship goes through all stages of life. I do obstetrics as well, so I’m part of deliveries. And so, you’re taking care of someone from baby until they’re adult and this can be even
across generations taking care of people’s grandparents and this can
really help the physician-patient relationship as you’re able to see the
multi-generational approach and the stressors and the support systems that
each patient has. So, many people ask me: “What brings you to Vermont?” and for me it’s the great outdoors, you know you can’t beat being
able to hike and swim and ski and climb and as a primary care sports medicine
physician these are not only activities I love to do myself but also love to
talk with patients about.

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